November 9th, 2020 — Why are you up so early?

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Syllabus follows .:. BC4CA616-4313-49D0-B3B6-ABED32B8E6DB 📚

… But FO’ist! The mother of all Conspiracy Theories, narrated by Courtney Love, and the COMM’on Denominator is the bastard son of Pete Seeger y sus balas plateadas, a guy by the name of Dave Grohl, or something like that, but in The Land of the Lost, Evry body knew him as CHAKA!!!

We did warn you about how T-Rex was eating Hot Cakes. We did tell y’all D.A.T. the dinosaur was D.A.R.E., Junior.


And in Washington, Ali Vittali is finally going to take a nap… for an Entire Week!!! Because that’s what Avi Velshi cajoled the intrepid Election 2000 celebration reporter into committing to. Damn You, Avi Velshi!!! Now Öüï the staff are going to have to unearth Alice Cooper from his vacation grave at the Georges Pompidou Center.

Welcome to Mí Night Mare, must have a Million Dollars ticket to ride, Baby!

Narration for the “meme” by Mauricio Babilonia. “Mariposas amarillas” were blowing all along the Watchtower stand of the Jehovah Witnesses… Michael Jackson was distributing La Atalaya.

Shhhhhh… it’s 19h in CET and Ali Vittally is sleeping right now.

Cast of Characters:

John Bronco, because America’s n° 1 export to Iceland was hijacked by Michael Che y Florence Cassez*, Aussi, it coincided that the Ford Bronco was about to become America’s favorite SUV again.


Over at the SpankBerger stream… it’s a Slogan Creation Marathon, this is the Paris, Texas Entry:

FUCK Donnie Deutsch!
(en negritas)

and here is why, Mistress SpankBerger… what kind of peacock does it take to subliminally suggest (reverse programming) that maybe it was providence (or something like that) that Senate Majority Leader Moscow Mitch was re-elected for another term, suggesting that maybe MOSCOW MITCH will be swayed to move to the Center.

The balls on that prick. One thing is for sure, the entire world has learned to recognize the face of the Republican Party (Mitch McConnell) but earlier in the transmission at a Porn Shop in Philadelphia on I-95 North, Donnie Deutsch showed the Democratic Caucus what Senator Susan Collins from Maine sounds like when she is Deep-throating Moscow Mitch. And Donnie Deutsch did a pretty good job, we knew that Donnie Deutsch sucked, but GodDamn, Boy! You just made America’s Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, blush.

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