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Attention, editors; the narration of Society’s BD on this most non-consequential blog continues to correspond  to Phil McClure.


So•cie•tie .:. 8709F97A-47E8-4584-A288-CB07DFFFDC3A 📓 EFEMÉRIDES: viernes 24 de enero, 2020: Francia inventa el baloncesto, y el mundo de Le Monde descubre a una nueva especie de “sidewinder”, the French, making use of a newly installed decree that imposes the French Language as the official language (in 1794) they take it upon themselves to classify it, “The Black Mamba”; reached for comment,  Donald Trump sent his condolences to Mr. Mambo when he learnt of the tragic demise of the best baller of el tercer milenio.

… and now, it’s time to play Ketchup, or as martial artists in that “Old West Texas town of El Paso” say it: Catch-up, “Get it?”

Starring Flip Zimmerman

Starring Flip Zimmerman as “Fat Heinz Bastard” and Cecily Strong as “The Bride”… Chapter 8, when Eye mentions the Zimmerman “letter” .:. 80257792-BA77-4BC0-A7D8-8CBB3D586C29 ☝🏿 Dad jokes provided by JULES y Corona (Expand your Latitude) and Nike (bringing you Speed, Strength and Victory since the fall of them Titans). 🏀 CALIFORNIA.


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