Intermedio con la RATP —

Hoy no hubo Jazz,
no–matter what!

Dear, Marianne

Dear, Marianne; F.Y.I. .:. 895D9BDB-BDE8-45AA-B8F0-BDB9CFE242C3 —_•!•_— As we [the staff] wait for a resolution from The Admin Tribunal at rue Jouy, öüï will continue to keep our options open and our spaces wide, de cualquier manera doña Anne, merci pour les repas.

No matter, what?

At any frame rate, Madame Hidalgo, once again another week starts and another rabbit-hole is exposed on our realm, right now there is nothing that we [the staff] would like better to do than to finish up the dialog with Dexter (in the voice of Eddie Murphy), however; new developments, or rather requirements from the Paris Administrative Tribunal staff have our copywriters jumping through hoops in order to provide an answer to « the » MAN’s requests, before they can set up a date for the cancelled trial, can you dig it? We can only hope that your non–reading staff at City Hall has the patience to wait until next week to see about the development of that dialog between Dexter and Armando Serrano Prieto at les douches municipales. Sin Embargo, for a Lefty you are always right (pg. 4 n°2520; Grand Paris):

that, a 3 month-old baby be shacking-it next to a commuters highway, in an encampment, now that  « c’est inadmissible » unless the baby is Dutch.


Deer, Rachel Maddow; regarding yesterday’s (Jan. 27) summary gremlin on your show, which went ahead and fucked with your graphics department, please inform BriWi that on our end, that same little fucker keeps knocking the refresh-saves down in the WordPress app and, sometimes, like right now on the 11th Hour of January 28th in Babylon One, öüï wake up to a January 29th morning in Paris and learn that the gremlin removed our media and placed an earlier text from 12 hours ago.

Dear, Frank Fegluezi

Dear, Frank Fegluezi .:. 345ABE4C-4888-421D-84BA-6A2EB3BDEA1B —_•!•_— Please give my regards to Black Spy, now, motherfucker, where is my BONUS‽

Anyway, Brian Williams, we [the staff] don’t chose the tunes, THAT BOAT belongs to a different “fisherman”, öüï just play’em like congas en El Congo.

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