Stop it, Elise Jordan. Just fucken stop

Dear, Elise Jordan. Among the things that makes us, scratch that. Among the things that wishes that a fucken aneurism would put a stop to this most non-consequential blog, is seeing the cast of Morning Joe being hypocrites. You cannot have it both ways Elise Jordan, unless you want to “get busy on a Burger King,” and do the Humpty Hump, but then that would be considered a hard-core adult film. And in this section, Elise Jordan of TIME Magazine, the focus is more on “A man who loved women“.

Los Nuevos vagos de François Truffaut

Casi esquina con Los Nuevos Vagos de François RONALD Truffaut.

Please stand by for Vicente Fox, El Yunque, Los Legionarios de Cristo, y La Universidad veranera de Cátolicos en Aix-de-Provence, o algo así.

El Yunque

Soulless brothers know No Conga, No Timbal, Ni siquiera La chingada Cow Bell… en “el ranchito de Andrés Manuel López Obrador”.

It was very “timely” that Cousin Joe had the morning off, what? Is the Cousin over at the RONALD REAGAN national prayer breakfast?

Any güey, Licha, (that’s your hipocorístico) meet Adela micha y a sus chingados:


Not–gonna–let you do it, unless you want to. You are my favorite of Them Ozarks kin. Eye dice que mejor le cuentes una de los vaqueros de Ecatepec.

Existe cada rama, but it is only shocking when it happens in the United States, of America, and not in the YouKnighted Estates of México.* Por ejemplo, Raquelito, election intervention in foreign countries (check. Ask Chava Allende) ; tactical arsenal and logistical support (do you feel like eating some  Asparagus at Willie Gomer’s Plan Mérida restaurant?) ; and of course, El Tío Rico®️.

Todos los derechos son del pato donald

Todos los derechos son del pato donald, y Carlos Slim, of course.

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