2040 la parada de los juniors

From the wires: RTL/RFI vía la BBC.

It’s the bottom of the troops review and Donald Trump, junior, makes a comment to Bernardo Gómez, junior.

— You don’t have this problem with the Wires in México, do Ewe?

Welcome to the soup line

A la Sopa.

And Bernardo Gómez, junior, responds to his BEAUTIFUL counter–junior:

Don't bee silly

Don’t bee silly… it’s because you are not French, dijo Jackie Onassis.

—Don’t bee silly, mr presidencito, our JIM JONES mexicano took care of that with A CULT areation.

… [A]nd the new Minister of Justice, Robert Mueller, junior, hops into the freak conversation.

— So that is where the saying, “don’t drink the Kool-Aid®️” comes from‽

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