Coming to you Fuckers LIVE from La Samaritaine

14h40 in Central Europe TimES

For the record

Hey, boludo: for the History records, Brontis did Take AR’s JOB. Haragán la concha que te parió. Discepolo la excepción a los Chicos de Rio y La Plata.

En Face à Conforama, 1er Barrio latino de Paname:

Eclipse total

Eclipse total

Öüï are going to need Bigger Little boys, and Big Bottom Girls rooms, and a Nice Sandy Beach from Le Pont de La Mala* por el lado del Louvre hasta llegar al Arsenal.

Mientras tanto

Mientras tanto en el 32 rue des Bourdonnais, el Patrón* invited all street peoples to a 4th of July Pick-nic en un Bosque, o algo así. Happy IndepenDANCE day America. You are the best, in little nostalgic pictures of Nueva Yol’

It’s Happy Birthday George Washington… tenga su pastel de Queso: King George is at the helm and he is like Muy LOCO raised to the 45th power.

Joe and Mika are like on automaton mode, with roundhouse Willie at the Helm… in LOOP Mode, of course, because Da’Man could not have it Any Other Güey ; Es el Cuatro de Julio Preciado.

*Emmaüs, the other side of Erasmus, that pretentious Ivory Tower fat cat.

Dear, Bernie Sanders, from the Senate or from The HOUSE: Make America like the real France Again, and not in the image of a Chinese BOWL of Vichy’s soup sandwich entry… and for the record: Fuck Poseidon.

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