Wednesday the 10th — Intermission, part ii

Sabbatical Day Nº 9
Wednesday the 10th.
Octubre* tenía que ser…
y en
enero** redactar.

[Woman’s voice
Sarah Silverman]

Previously, on: The Color of Cross–Media Tangents.

[Man’s voice,
Jeff Goldblum]

So, remember that thing that I’ve already commented to you about? Regarding that little, “project that I have to be secretive about but [that] there is some thematic tie-in to this?”

Well, I must continue to remain secretive about it, but what I can tell you right at this very moment measured by the TimeStamp below this frame, is that beyond the camera work and directorial calls used by Mr. del Toro on The Shape of Water*** , the movie continues to provide Tangents and so, Context will continue to follow; just wait for it.

TimeStamp: 07h53 CET

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