Act V: FROM L.A. with love… and Denisa, my Deer:

And, Nathalie Piolé, love of my 7 pm life, 20h in Kiev, this is, American Dictionary Mí.

Matches? ÖÜÏ don’t need no stinking matches!
Exhibit “J-SE”. For no particular reason, the subject of North, Central and South America popped up in the middle of Mí time, Ewe know, minding my own business listening to Pedro Navajas interpret the cántico del Padre Raúl y el monaguillo Andrés, when speak of the Devil, in walks Father James, accompanied by a pair from the Saint-Eustache latin dance ensamble, not to be confused with the Saint-Eustache Art Mouvement, because that episode is in another season, and under different impediments³.

³~. Before “gaslighting” made the big time in the worlds of dictionaries.

Later on the Stand-up Show:

Jesus walks into a bar and as soon as the barkeep recognizes that nigga, she asks of the Superstar, “¿Chuy, z’at Ewe, motherfucker?

And, the Lord and Savior responds, “Serendipity! D’a fuck you doing down here? Last time I ran into your CAUSAlidades was in Jersey at Pundita Bonita’s pad; if my Memorex serves Mí right, you two were celebrating Clam Chowder They!

And Salma Hayek responds, “yeah, that bitch still owes me 10 quid,” adding, “say hey there Baby Jesus, ama, deus?

And, Robert Downey Jr,. responds, “bitch, please! Did you see what how she let Jim Cavezel go through all that stupid-ass Passion, just for working with Gibson! Eye mean, come on, Évrybody knows that Alanis Morrisette is a Telecaster lover.

huila, nf. Prostitute 🪁

Page 42, #142

MARS 2013


NOUVelle forMule

Where is the truth? Asked Father James after the discussion about North, Central, and of course SOUTH of heaven and, the subsequent pachanga that followed with the SEDE (Saint-Eustache Dance Ensamble) on the first floor of the place where Évrybody knows your name and for which, on that particular occasion, the script called for The Dario Moreno Dance Troupe.


Sage homme reports.

huila, nf. Kite, or Papalote 🪁

Any how, KERSCHOVAS, you know that Eye love Ewes, but I’ll juke you if you ⚔️ Mí! So don’t go starting any Jousts!!!

En política y geografía lo unico verdadero es la lucha libre… y siempre es mejor la música, —viva!

Where’s truth, a mini-reprise for Emily Minera, MUNºera about The Night Before goes here… This Space For RENT!

º~. Munera, not Minera, because the “minera” was my Wila (pronounce with an Aitch in front of that Double Ewes Bee) en El Chuco (915).


Amira 🎯

está es la cumbia del SELENOIDE, coil up deer, viene de COA🪁

Please be also advised that your name at Saint James² arrived as part of the theme, which by the way Eye does not have the pay grade to select… any how, Öüï had summoned them Travelin’ Wilburies from “La Zona del Silencio” a few Theys ago, so, Ms. Al-Sharif, when Eye says “Eye got my i set on Ewe” is on account that “El Potrillo³” is the son of the one known only as the “Dark Horse” behind the “Wonderwall”; and in this sense, madame, may I, Armando Segovia/Armando Serrano-Prieto, intoduce to you, The American Priest in Paris, El Padre Jaime, de Knew Heaven, Connect-I-Cut.

One last thing goes here:

Note to editors… please jump to the MARCH of DIMES,… no not those ones¹⁰

¹⁰~. Not the ones who got rid of Polio in the U.S. under F.D.R., marchofdimes . org

huila, nf Bicycle 🚲

Dresden cielo? Una hermosa mañana, qu’est-ce que c’est?

“Tú times”…


Nathalie Piole, now that the Big Elephant 🐘 is out of the cabin… it’s Tannenbaum cuttin’ time now.


Nathalie, my love…
Por adelantado, excelente show!

In Extra-terrestial news 📰 NASA successfully completes its ARTE🚀MISA Mission and not to be outdone by the US, the UAE installs a Louvre Museum (Éphémère, any how) at le Champ de Mars.


🌬️🎶 Des d’El cielo una hermosa mañana

La guadalupana

La guadalupana…

_ y otras frivolidades de EmiLie à Paris.

Those stairs where tourists are about to sit their ASS, are from the resin tears 😭 of a Tannenbaum!!! Phat Basterd’…

Elvis is Still Mika’s Cringe!


Speaking of frivolidades, we last left our Escaleras-building Foo’s… wait for entry signal

Ladies in Gemini, Artemis is on the intercom, listen up 🛩️, and pay no attention to Eartha’s Jaguar 🐆, it’s expendable.

Tale of The Tape — ATTAL v. HIDALGO


“Bright are the stars that Shine,” dicen las ranas 🐸 en DesPax Sio.

Tale of The Tape

Please stand-by for feligreses, o como dicen en la embajada de Qatar en el Arco del Triunfo,  paroissiens.

Breaking news!!!

Denisa Kerschovas Quits Allegretto 🤦👃👃👃

Page 1:

In Local News… Sinema du Jour.


From the desk of the Paris Tourism Board_ 12/12/2022. Rumors around the new espresso machine at francemusique are that the illegitimate Basterd’ spawn of Phyllis Diller, a Frog named Goo, ¡¡¡ WTF!!! No wait that’s another decade, scratch that, go again Goo, a frog named Chrysteau DILYS, gaslighted Kerschovas out of la Maison de La RaDi–eau.

Sit-Reps³ from the marauding benevolent folks of the Perpetual gaslit Candle of The Maltese Cross relays that Denisa Kerschovas was last spotted in the process of pitching a Quechua™ tent next to the Egyptian wing of the head of The Man Of Paris² on the Quai François Mitterrand next to le Jardin de l’Infante.

Raising n’ARIZONA.


Insanity ensued when Kerschovas took on the full role of an SDF and re-nativitized as The Venus de Miles 🎺🎺🎺… Issy, Eye can do this all—They, not only to the GO’ill de Niza.

²~. See Scott Onstott’s “Secrets in Plain Sight”, Paris chapter.

Page 2:

Still to come when Tuesday’s Gone, it’s another episode of Wednesday.


¿A Poco Si?… La Opinión de Fenster, our copy editor


Parental Advisory for Franco-phonies in Quebec

In context for ULTRA Phans and North Africans in Paname or Marseille:

I want my USB

I, Armando Segovia, had my French VISA snatched from my hands at the Cité Préfecture in Paris, France,—literally, not figuratively, period.

I contend that the reason for that bureaucratic « arrête » was for criticizing the Ties or, the accomodation of Mexican corruption in France such as this one³ in Brasil; so before you North African Phellows, do like the FRENCH Legion of Juanito Guanavacoa  🇲🇽  and Osler Amaro  🇵🇪  at rfpp (106.3) do, I ask:

³~. https ://www .rfi .fr /en /international /20221130 –french-banks-accused-of-massively-fuelling-amazon-deforestation-bnp

Selma Likum Salma


what HAVE you done, BESIDES MAKING FUN OF EGYPTIAN mummies and Sarkozy, to highlight the corrupt leaders of your fútbol team, BECAUSE is that not what Soccer ⚽ is about, —a game of Tribes?

and if this is to hard to unravel, then just keep on watching “the cup”, in the same way that Mexicans consume (and Export) telenovelas.

Fake Cinnamon Spice


You fuckers are AS guilty as Petin and The Red Cross at The Grand Ol’Palace… but then again, you would not get the reference  🇲🇦.

This is not a political commentary, this is fútbol with a USB port.


En contexto, if your brain only has room for CONFORMITY and an RSA paycheck and Pôle- Emploi à volonté, please be advised that this comment is not political at all, this is the map of the Quarter Latino de Vilma Fuentes at Polly Maggoo… and if you know what “remittences” are, and IF-and-ONLY ewe (🐑) know where the State of Jalisco is, then maybe, just maybe you might get my Vision of Muhammad Ali, and The Greatest  🇦🇷  (next to Ronaldo 🇵🇹)… before, not after the MATCH, —like the French Media does*.