Dresden cielo? Una hermosa mañana, qu’est-ce que c’est?

“Tú times”…


Nathalie Piole, now that the Big Elephant 🐘 is out of the cabin… it’s Tannenbaum cuttin’ time now.


Nathalie, my love…
Por adelantado, excelente show!

In Extra-terrestial news 📰 NASA successfully completes its ARTE🚀MISA Mission and not to be outdone by the US, the UAE installs a Louvre Museum (Éphémère, any how) at le Champ de Mars.


🌬️🎶 Des d’El cielo una hermosa mañana

La guadalupana

La guadalupana…

_ y otras frivolidades de EmiLie à Paris.

Those stairs where tourists are about to sit their ASS, are from the resin tears 😭 of a Tannenbaum!!! Phat Basterd’…

Elvis is Still Mika’s Cringe!


Speaking of frivolidades, we last left our Escaleras-building Foo’s… wait for entry signal

Ladies in Gemini, Artemis is on the intercom, listen up 🛩️, and pay no attention to Eartha’s Jaguar 🐆, it’s expendable.

Tale of The Tape — ATTAL v. HIDALGO


“Bright are the stars that Shine,” dicen las ranas 🐸 en DesPax Sio.

Tale of The Tape

Please stand-by for feligreses, o como dicen en la embajada de Qatar en el Arco del Triunfo,  paroissiens.

Breaking news!!!

Denisa Kerschovas Quits Allegretto 🤦👃👃👃

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In Local News… Sinema du Jour.


From the desk of the Paris Tourism Board_ 12/12/2022. Rumors around the new espresso machine at francemusique are that the illegitimate Basterd’ spawn of Phyllis Diller, a Frog named Goo, ¡¡¡ WTF!!! No wait that’s another decade, scratch that, go again Goo, a frog named Chrysteau DILYS, gaslighted Kerschovas out of la Maison de La RaDi–eau.

Sit-Reps³ from the marauding benevolent folks of the Perpetual gaslit Candle of The Maltese Cross relays that Denisa Kerschovas was last spotted in the process of pitching a Quechua™ tent next to the Egyptian wing of the head of The Man Of Paris² on the Quai François Mitterrand next to le Jardin de l’Infante.

Raising n’ARIZONA.


Insanity ensued when Kerschovas took on the full role of an SDF and re-nativitized as The Venus de Miles 🎺🎺🎺… Issy, Eye can do this all—They, not only to the GO’ill de Niza.

²~. See Scott Onstott’s “Secrets in Plain Sight”, Paris chapter.

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Still to come when Tuesday’s Gone, it’s another episode of Wednesday.


¿A Poco Si?… La Opinión de Fenster, our copy editor


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