Parental Advisory for Franco-phonies in Quebec

In context for ULTRA Phans and North Africans in Paname or Marseille:

I want my USB

I, Armando Segovia, had my French VISA snatched from my hands at the Cité Préfecture in Paris, France,—literally, not figuratively, period.

I contend that the reason for that bureaucratic « arrête » was for criticizing the Ties or, the accomodation of Mexican corruption in France such as this one³ in Brasil; so before you North African Phellows, do like the FRENCH Legion of Juanito Guanavacoa  🇲🇽  and Osler Amaro  🇵🇪  at rfpp (106.3) do, I ask:

³~. https ://www .rfi .fr /en /international /20221130 –french-banks-accused-of-massively-fuelling-amazon-deforestation-bnp

Selma Likum Salma


what HAVE you done, BESIDES MAKING FUN OF EGYPTIAN mummies and Sarkozy, to highlight the corrupt leaders of your fútbol team, BECAUSE is that not what Soccer ⚽ is about, —a game of Tribes?

and if this is to hard to unravel, then just keep on watching “the cup”, in the same way that Mexicans consume (and Export) telenovelas.

Fake Cinnamon Spice


You fuckers are AS guilty as Petin and The Red Cross at The Grand Ol’Palace… but then again, you would not get the reference  🇲🇦.

This is not a political commentary, this is fútbol with a USB port.


En contexto, if your brain only has room for CONFORMITY and an RSA paycheck and Pôle- Emploi à volonté, please be advised that this comment is not political at all, this is the map of the Quarter Latino de Vilma Fuentes at Polly Maggoo… and if you know what “remittences” are, and IF-and-ONLY ewe (🐑) know where the State of Jalisco is, then maybe, just maybe you might get my Vision of Muhammad Ali, and The Greatest  🇦🇷  (next to Ronaldo 🇵🇹)… before, not after the MATCH, —like the French Media does*.



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