Deer, Eddie Gloud, Jr. — Get on D’good foot!

Epiphany… it takes Three.

Musical Guest

Gooooooooiooood MORning, Eye–ran .:. 187F513B-2882-424A-8004-5287B8FA5C5F 🥁 Rats on the West Side, bed bugs with Trump, etc,. etc,. etc,…

And, professor, one of them fuckers is even in BoldFace, which it’s kind of interesting if youse reel-ie think about it, considering that the painter, —nevermind Delacroix— forgot to paint un Angelito Negro, eh‽

Exhibit Önë:

It's a gift

It’s a gift, ya’bum .:. D0B3A7C6-0CB6-471C-8783-779C504F876C 🎲 What are the odds, that BalthASSAR is also the King of Arabi[a].

… We [the staff] of this most non-consequential blog return to the LBJ School of Public Policy, (simulacro de correspondence now in–progress) where professor Vicroria M. DeFrancesco Soto will most definitely is going to ignore our Post, just like our court-appointed Translator; an ex-alumni of UT Austin, from Romania (of all places), anygüey Elise Jordan, Eye tells you D.A.T. blue is definitely your color.

Well Eye never been to Spain

Well Eye never been to Spain .:. 16EDADAD-4F54-4B15-AC4A-D2574CA12E27 -!- …[H]owever, Eye has been to “Las Higueras”, to Lloret de Mar, and to a little playa in Barcelona; leave it to Madrid, en El País to spoil the Myrrh delivery to Chuy.

… Meanwhile in Washington, Nicolle Wallace is not answering her phone, while in Paris, there is a surge of “The Americans” coming out of peoples’ mouths on the street, followed by what sounds like Gwar. Let u.s. transliterate that last statement again, people on the streets, that is to say, those waiting for a bus, those who are out walking around, —en fin— people are not, we repeat not MENTIONING THE NAME Trump, followed by WAR; people are saying: The Americans.

Hear Mí out, Reverend Sharpton, and please don’t shoot the messenger.

— Cabalgando con Reyes… “they” call it betún:

Rigo es Amor

“Mi Matamoros querido…” .:. 6F011C8D-5FBD-4D84-9D0F-0374E760550D 👸🏿 Nunca te podré olvidar, period — Rigo es Amor.

1. Baltasar es negro desde hace siete siglos: así han cambiado los Reyes Magos en el arte “Al principio, ni eran tres ni eran reyes”… https ://verne .elpais .com /verne/2019/12/12

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