“No one i think is in my Three »

TimeStamp 18:53… and Eye quotes living is easy WITT EYES closed and Monica Alva… please stand-by. Eye will bury Paul in the next selfie with them Mexicans at the White House, but right now, Julieta Venegas is going to transliterate the former “AP” politico guy, Jonathan LeMire’s « London calling » with some TIJUANA NO! version of the Doors of Perception in TKT and some “Spanish Bombs… yo te quiero infinito »… vía LE HAVRE, and Jonathan Le Mire, here’s why, you son-of-a-bitch!!! Pleybol!!!

Öüï begins off-course with the Mexican National Anthem {in the Spirit of Pérez Prado}…

But FO’ist, BREAKING THE NEWS for Alanis Morrisette: YOU DID IT BITCH!!!

The United States of America is the FO’ist to seat a Black Woman as president of the América*

* It’s only temporary while Mr. Biden has his unmentionables checked… or something like that portería that LA Jornada is talking about.


¡KARAMBA, Kamela!!! Hallie Jackson is going to have a Field They!

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2021/11/19 /mundo /biden-se-sometera-a-colonoscopia-traspasara-el-poder-a-kamala-harris/

O como dijo Malcolm X: by any MEANS necessary… sorry Eye mispelled your name, Öüï is going by AMLO standards… ‘member now, Jonathan LeMire
unlike the Three Amigos, Eye speaks with a Mexican accent.

And, Politico LEmire… Victoria De Francesco Soto is delivering them bombs in the role of “Entrecôte” Venegas, which happens to be French for Julieta Venegas in San Diego, California… right before The Road To Escondido and that ARROGANT BASTARD ale headquarters… that’s where them PADRES play.

Witt D.A.T. in mind, Mal{a}raux{ment} it is time to roost the chickens into El Patron’s coop.


Brothers and sisters, don’t believe the HYPE !!! Ewe is going to need more than a mere « hour and a half » to transliterate the story along the perimeter of the Grand Palace in Paris, France. The “Little Palace” on the other side of the tracks, that Öüï can do in the flick of an EYE. Like that Victoria that Georges Brassens just had in Oklahoma, and Victoria, them Okies don’t even know who Le Gorille is.

https ://edition .cnn .com /2021/11/18 /us /julius-jones-oklahoma-execution-decision /index .html

And fip Siren, thanks for the Songs for ELeNa, not to be confused with the ELiTes de France, and if YOU ara in on the JOKE {then} you know that that is my source.


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