Deer, Eddie Gloud, Jr., meet Jorge Saldaña Hdz.

+++ Continued from the previous entry ViLo, on this most intranscendente blog ⬇️

Arriba la RATP

Y arriba “Los Rayados de La RATP” .:. D1EF741B-228E-482A-AF4A-70534790407F 🃏« Sí•se•puede! » Now, Eye told you about that big ol’Saxophone jam in the Sky, here’s Nacho L’Ivre’s Sax Solo.

To: Antena Radio; Radio La Nueva República; Latino U.S.A.; Voto Latino; Elrod Strategies, Manuel de Jesús Clouthier "del Rincón" daughters (in the public domain) 
Cc: Nora Patricia Jara; Ana Lilia ...; María Hinojosa; María Teresa Kumar; Adrienne Elrod, Tatiana Clouthier 
Bcc: Victoria M. DeFransesco Soto; Rúben Luengas

… [S]eñorita azafata
El menú me ha echo daño
Seria usted tan grata
De acercarme al baño

En fin profe Victoria, “En Algun Lugar”, d’esta historieta öüï, Le Equipe d’este tan intrascendente blog, suggested  D.A.T. the most convenient güey to approach the content within, would bee a través de los Diagramas de un tal Venn, it’s reely verdaderamente simple.

Eye means, sure, you may unravel the specificities and contradictions of the characters in each entry found on this BORRADOR from an “After Market” source, but why would you? When the O.E.M. instructions are available upon demand, from the hacedor q’esta mal Es•Cre•VIENDO todo esto, eh?

Above all things: I dig love, in spite of all of the Gnomes.

Anyway, Professor DeFrancesco Soto, by the way in which the MSNBC graphics monkeeys input your name on the pundits permanent breaking news section of the screen, Eye can’t tell if yourlast name are joined by a “guioncito”  or not, right now it is not important to break that observation D.A.R.E. now, but it is definitely an HasteRisk for the doña Tati’s section of this email draft.

Deer, Agathe Lambert, at BFM’er politics,  please inform Suzi at Fip Central Station that she now shares my heart with you … her face, your voice, and Eye thinks that you (two) would (begin to) make a pretty Nice Frankenstein, indeed. Even the ministers at Hôtel Matignon seem to agree, by them “chuckles” that your camera monkee just captured Live at 09h40 in Central NATO Thyme, en Día de Reyes, and Witt D.A.T., öüï continue with professor DeFrancesco on the next entry Ah-Bob ⬆️

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