And in Hilo, Hawaii — It’s Saturday Night

And at Ringside, The most Mexican of all the reverends in Washington, the one and only, The Reverend Al Sharpton is celebrating his 46th Birthday party, for a 98 year-old man The Reverend Al Sharpton is looking younger than Eva’.

In Paname, it’s Sunday Morning

Ahora cuéntame una de vaqueros

Ahora cuéntame una de vaqueros, Lucky Luc 📐 52229DCD-44C8-4777-BCD0-AFE716802E80 ⚖️ The good thing about this most non–consequential blog-presse is D.A.T. no one is keeping score.

And you know that next to Lillith, Zoe’s is the oldest ov’Bemol, yeah Buddy.

In Independent News, the Mexican Supreme Court spoke (6 to 5 decision) and NANTERRE (🇫🇷) responded InKind:

https ://noticias .uol .com .br /ultimas-noticias/afp/2020/10/01/suprema-corte-do-mexico-endossa-referendo-sobre-julgamento-de-ex-presidentes .htm


From the top: FAROS A LA DISTANCIA 🗺 F38AA6B4-4073-4F14-B43B-3851FCCAE995 🇫🇷 … [N]ever mind the “Monaco” quid pro quo allegations because for many many years that particular kingdom has been a sort of “back yard” to many many citizens of the European Union, kind of what Mexico is, for the American medical insurance industry, cest a dire, BRONTIS a la préfecture de police, “what happens in Monaco, stays in Monte Carlo.”

YADA, Yada, yada…

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They call it Bloody Tuesday

They call it Bloody Tuesday 🗳 485F1562-262C-4152-ADC3-99C44910B474 🗺 … [B]ecause it’s named after MARS, but Friday is Just as Bad.

Let’s Rock this Bitch.

In local news – The French extend vacation days for lepes

And in Waco, Texas… voting places were systematically closed and voting machines have some sort of a virus or snafu in Houston.

… And in Washington, the Associated Press is obsessed with how short Bloomberg tallied, and Cousin Joe is as giddy as a Truman voter on Nov. 3rd of 48′. Over at the National Action Network, the Reverend Al Sharpton just read Chuck D a Yesterday obituary.

Inside the Pundit's Studio

Inside the Pundit’s Studio .:. 7431D6A2-8B68-451A-B11B-5DDFA32CB098

Oh, the humanity, someone put Kornacki in a little box, over on Days of Our Lives The Sheriff just riveted the crowd with a solo act:

He's just crazy enough to do it

— He’s just crazy enough to do it .:. 8A81A00E-2E3B-48DE-9EBB-BF8EC3DC88CB 🐎

—“Isn’t anybody gonna help that poor man?”

— “Do what he says, do What He Says!!!

Meanwhile in El Ey

Meanwhile in El Ey .:. 8C056DE8-EB5B-473B-9370-60DF9DBE0C1C The Los Angeles County board was more interested in 2017/18 in fixating Silver Lake on Them Greek Olympics billboards than on them Beaners on Olympic voting boards. /// And as bonafide «Beaner en el Exterior; Central Nato Time; S.V.P. » Eye approves this message.

— Hush, Harriett! That’s a sure way to get him killed.

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