In local news – The French extend vacation days for lepes

And in Waco, Texas… voting places were systematically closed and voting machines have some sort of a virus or snafu in Houston.

… And in Washington, the Associated Press is obsessed with how short Bloomberg tallied, and Cousin Joe is as giddy as a Truman voter on Nov. 3rd of 48′. Over at the National Action Network, the Reverend Al Sharpton just read Chuck D a Yesterday obituary.

Inside the Pundit's Studio

Inside the Pundit’s Studio .:. 7431D6A2-8B68-451A-B11B-5DDFA32CB098

Oh, the humanity, someone put Kornacki in a little box, over on Days of Our Lives The Sheriff just riveted the crowd with a solo act:

He's just crazy enough to do it

— He’s just crazy enough to do it .:. 8A81A00E-2E3B-48DE-9EBB-BF8EC3DC88CB 🐎

—“Isn’t anybody gonna help that poor man?”

— “Do what he says, do What He Says!!!

Meanwhile in El Ey

Meanwhile in El Ey .:. 8C056DE8-EB5B-473B-9370-60DF9DBE0C1C The Los Angeles County board was more interested in 2017/18 in fixating Silver Lake on Them Greek Olympics billboards than on them Beaners on Olympic voting boards. /// And as bonafide «Beaner en el Exterior; Central Nato Time; S.V.P. » Eye approves this message.

— Hush, Harriett! That’s a sure way to get him killed.

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a monologue for the Reverend Al Sharpton
and a review of the Recollections of A.M. Joy in Selma
as these happend in reel-time.


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