My, Nigga… the Reverend Al Sharpton — Viva La Bagagerie, Fuck La France 🇨🇵

1. Fuck La France 🇨🇵 y Toi Aussie 🇦🇺

and for the record

Context Follows >>>


2. In Washington, Governor Chris Krispy just secured a regular slot on the Morjo Show, with a minimal Joe Scarborough rider on the contract. It’s Slap-Stick Politics with a crack pipe.

3. In Paris à La Villette, Babylon is going to Babylon, but instead of plain ol’Coq they are all going to suck dick at the after party, —it’s what they do, they suck Coq 🐓.

Fo’ :

… AMY, AMY, AMY!!! Nevermind Barnicle, he’s a ”cachirulo“ in the Mexican Indian Command league.

… And fo’ Da’record jump to mañana. Ewe coq au vin lover 🐓

This is me

But first, Öüï’s all access now and someone has a little dimple on his/her justifications.

… 🎶 We are the world, yada, yada, children ✌🏾… Don’t Be A Nigger, nigga

Aunque te de la Ghana… 🪖🪖🪖

Oh,boy. Screenshot follows

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