{and} Reverend Al… this is why Öüï is not invited to parties

Does anybody remember, “Mission Accomplished!” ?.

It’s kind’ah sort’ah like D.A.T. but wit, Eye might add (before, IT!, is outlawed) “The Audacity of Hope” en La France de Gall.

After THEE 7th inning stretch, Futuro Pelo meets Futuro Media en Rivoli.

{and} Rev. Mara, maybe Eye saw a twisted angle on that frame when attorney Crumb went on a riff and demanded to put FORTH the PROPOSITION, that Willie Geist can petition Bill Murray with P.R…. petition, Bill Murray, with P.R…. PETITION BILL MURRAY WITH P.R.

EWE CANNOT PETITION BILL MURRAY WITH PUBLIC RELATIONS. And here is why, newly ordained Deacon(esse) Gay, check it out:

Rock – Paper – Wood.
To really get the feel of Mister Petty, you have to play the video with the volume all the way up. To get your blood boiling, hear the kid scream in terror.

Because Eye believes that Doña María Hinojosa on the Jonathan Sunday Show¹  is not silly when she noted that The Administration had the chance “to go and hug Haitians” in Tijuana, instead, El Paso, Texas, was graced with Mme. Vice-president visit to University Drive ⛏️, period 🐰

And, Santísima Mara de Los Times, all that Eye is observing is that while all of our thoughts and prayers go to the Ukrainian resistance en Saint-Germain des_près, please be advised that Öüï is aware of them “editorial redlines” on The Reverend Al Sharpton Show.

When Ewe Wished upon a Star.

What a way to extinguish 🧯 a parallel! GawDDamned. Mi is most certainly impressed and must note that that Mehdi Hasan on the All-In Show before The Rachel Maddow Show is on to something bringing out the Censorship of Quadratic Equations in Texas. Eye mean look again, Mara Gay, the good Reverend Al extinguished a parallel between what continues to happen in America when x = black, and all the power is on Police Unions.

What’s wrong, Mara Gay, with the riff that Attorney Crumb was juxtaposing when he borrowed any given Ukrainian and placing s/he, in the front-leaning position under the weight of an American police officer and a bullet to the back of his {or} her memory pack?

¹.~ https ://www .msnbc .com /the-sunday-show /watch /democrats-are-having-second-thoughts-about-president-biden-ending-title-42-137903173588

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