Fuck you, Joe Scarborough… Ewe fo’

🐏… Fo’ken foo’… Orange ties are just stooopid, Mayor. It’s not even a match, orange ties vS. Gold Men’s Accessories, not even a Match. And Adrienne Elrod, you are wearing the wrong shade of naranja dulceLimón Partido½.

Have a cigar… it’s not even breaking news anymore… this is why the Boston Floyds moved to Marseille… ask, Scarlett!!! she used to Vee the old VEEP, but everyone knows her as Elaine Benes¼.

¼.~ https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Louis_Louis-Dreyfus

And, Reverend Al… glad to hear that you talked to the Superbowl committee; glad to hear that you told them “Pilgrims”, what you negros would do NEXT YEAR…
if the LEAGUE of indian nations, zoological tribes, and guilded trades logos on an American football helmet would not cede TERRITORIES, {AND/OR} FULL OWNERSHIP of an acre and a fucking stable of stubborn mules {AND/OR} other assorted FARM animals.

But, as Ewe already knows, Reverend Al, a more EspecThraCular way to speak to Donnie Deutsch and his Advertising empire buddies is to have both of the teams this coming Sunday in El Ey, kneel down during the mandatory Jimi Hendrix’s-es-ese version of the American Anthem: DOWN IN MEXICO, and then… once the Mariachi de Oro Juvenil finishes with the PASO doble, Walk The Fuck out of the Field in protest.

Naturally, that would be as Public ⊗ Enemy used to say… HARDER THAN YOU turn onto Exit M7 West (Babylon Turnpike and Roosevelt↵), even this year’s “theme song” is supposed to be like « [T]he Rolling Stones of the rap game, KNOT bragging… »

And Chucky-boooiy, that opening line is of course, Ringo, not Jagger…

{AND} Eye quotes with a Cue:
” What, goes on!…» is the ?

Gazpacho delivery services brought to Ewe, by a BOWL about nothing³.

³.~ That’s Gold, Garcetti! GOLD, AU!!! and here’s ANOTHER THING that Ewe may or may Knot Bee a Ware(W)o(L)f:

Check this out ⇒ here’s the play:

1.~ Ewe takes the AFT out of AB, ∴ that turns the round into a spent CAP on that Tiger’s ass.

https ://www .quora .com /Why-cant-the-aft-cap-on-tank-rounds-be-made-out-of-combustible-material

2.~ With the AFT out of the way, load another Round, this time Fire-Fire H.E.A.T and deliver a WARM PURE(é) de VAL with LIMA’s address on it. Bee Vegui Vegui carefull, because GENERAL DYNAMICS has the homefield advantage in Long Beach, which is just a piss-splash away from Inglewood and the LAX.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Lima_Army_Tank_Plant

3.~ Wait fo’IT!, wait.

Full DISNEY-grade Disclosure:
If you are easily offended by the fact that Ohio’s residents (from the Rock and Roll hall of fame) moved to El Ey, then Öüï suggests that you take your non-reading following elsewere, like say, Nantucket… where a French génie, dit Molière, is all the rage at, ‘iced-coffee, gazpacho sippin’, Today show viewing‘ retirement homes.

It’s called gravity and it doesn’t need GRAVITAS, period, plop!

½.~ Lima exprimida.

And, Adrianne Elgüey… Dick ChEney is no güey to bring Creedence to Liz…
with that in mind, I, Armando Segovia, am not going to compare the former Vice-President to Reinhard Heydrich, but then Reinhard didn’t mastermind the last 30 years, since like Nirvana was a thing.

Ned Lamont… Can Ewe hear Mi now? Connect Eye Cut.

Yada, yada, dada

Stanley Kubric’s… La Vache

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