Up next, “A Bridge Too Far” starring Julie Gayet

I Wanna Rock, Right Now! 

It takes tú and a champagne supernova 🍾 To The Throne, Charly 🥂 Tú 🤴🏻, to the 🚽… On the double, chop chop; fish and chips, bad teeth—worst tits, the BBC and the whole 9 enchiladas.

It takes Tú…
By: Robb Base and… 

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2023/03/05 /espectaculos /chris-rock-répond à Will Smith un an après la claque

E Z there, big fella!
Don’t forget that you won the TED audition for “Say My Name” 🥊, period!

“I ain’t seen a bridge »

The Bridge

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Eye swears that it’s rather intimidating realizing that the fellow behind the “Au cœur de l’orchestre” is the official body double of former French president, PANCHO de Holanda.

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