Across The Atlantic… it’s Dedos a tres caídas Round 2

Round 2 recap:

The Gravity Argument

The Gravity Argument .::. 054E129C-6422-407A-9810-F8837B021F0E 🏄🏽‍♂️ Over at the Know Your Value symposium, Donald John Trump was thinking of adding Round Fourth (it’s symbolic, of course) the Law set the terminal velocity at 3, not on the Fourth. —_•!•_— In context, the cyber-reporting Amazona has a point, she had signed-up to do Three, and not the fourth, which the Writers at “El Halcón*” your  trusted source of Lucha Libre news, can go down on D.A.T. D.A.R.E. rebuttal from the amazon, dicho de otra manera, Mika, we dig Shannon’s hold’it! D.A.R.E. now.

Shannon Pettypiece broke the 4th Rope (wall/barrier) and Eddie Gloude Jr., of course, was looking the other way, as if “inviting this particular Situation”.

https ://www .thedailybeast .com /people-are-finally-starting-to-see-the-real-ellen-degeneres-and-it-isnt-pretty THE MASK

Elective Surgery in Covid–19 times

Elective Surgery in Covid–19 times .::. 35C31555-576A-496A-B884-030A6E2AF63D 🏄🏽‍♂️ Previously on, “Zippy–ri doo-dah” Fletcher M. Fletch was on his way to Tupelo, Mississippi to see about a possible deal with ULTRA LIGHT INFUSED tobacco for the French, when all of a sudden, Ellen Degeneres in the role of annoying passenger Cindy Maysample, interrupted a Swing Low Sweet Chariots moment. 🏚 In this “photoplay” Ellen Degeneres abruptly awakens Fletcher M. Fletch only to inform him that she is flying back home to Selma, Alabama (from El Ey) after having some unnecessary elective surgery during the height of the respirator shortages across the U.S.A., she goes on to say that she can’t wait to head over to Montgomery and participate in the Betsy Devos sponsored protests against the “Stay–in–place / Shelter–at–Home” quarantines. “It will be like when Dr. MLK marched for civil rights,” she boasted.

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—Over in Nantucket, Cousin Joe wants Mika’s mom (his belle-maman) to resume her normal life and get back to college… or something like D.A.T..

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