Entre El Medio with Shannon’s Pettypiece

🛰 📻 🎶 🗣

In your i’s… (in your eyes)

in your ay’s (in your eyes)

Oh, i wanna see the Light in

your i’s (in your đź‘€…

Say anything, Peter; but FO’ist!!! Gabriel is going to meet your sexy eyes, Ms. Pettypiece, at the Gates of?

Survey say:

Oh, hey Hallie Jackson, say hello to The Pundita, and nevermind the “Say Anything” reference, but Eye thinks that Shannon wants MĂ­ to introduce her to Ashley Chevalier; since she seems to be in on the Joke… but that would only lead u.s. (all) to “High Fidelity”, « Grosse Pointe Blank », and off-course, “Must Love doGs», eh. ANY HOW Phil Griffin* 👯‍♀️ —_•!•_— đź‘­ You know better than to fit two Muses on the Same FRAME, mAnnnn! What are you trying to do, break the screen!!! That would be like putting Shannon’s piece right in front of my Eyes, mis Ojos!!! ¡Ay mis Ojos!!!

* Our apologies to Phil Griffin, Ă–ĂĽĂŻ skipped a track and did not program into the mix that Mr. Griffin is no longer conducting the opĂ©retta at the msnbeepeacocks, but now that Eye sees triple punditry with Chuck in the middle, there seems to be more than meets the Fed Wife. Oh hey, Katy Kur, long time no see, nice coat! BUT i DON’T LIKE IT, not your coat Ms. Tur—i don’t like relevos australianos. And don’t get me started on tag-teams. I don’t have the Will to unscramble the crosstalk. One SuperStar at a Time, and more COWBELL!!! WHO’s running this Lucha Libre show, Whoopi Goldberg and the View?

– Hell
– Denis [ ✔️]
— of Bill & Melinda*

And at PARIS 6eme, the Saint Sulpice Bells are Tolling (12 noon) like they haven’t tolled in a long long— long Time… Must be the POLES who just finished their Mass… it’s Trou!!!

Tell Mí, Miss Pettypiece, does Mika (Brzezinski) know that   it is Christmas Day (East of Danzig) and at Orthodox shrines. Jah, man!

And, Willie Geist, please relay to Cousin Joe and that dumb Sumbitch “Heilemann” that the Abyss is shallow, and Mika… tell your man that it is: NEWS OF THE WORLD, not “news of the they”, and then you wonder why Katty Kay won’t respond; The Queen would shoot her!!!

… [A]nd still to come, Willie Geist, it’s EL OCHO (defunct U.S. Observance) and you better Knot forget to tell The Rachel Maddow Crew that MAĂ‘ANA is “show your work day”.


* They just don’t send’em (a los mecenas) like they used to, Catherine de Medici, said some freak called Nostradamus at the Gate of Louvre (Paris CENTRE), i’m SĂ­ Rius and Eddie Gloude Jr., is not.

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