Couche-Tard with them Canucks… it’s a « No Go » zone

“goD has a Word for that³ »:

They are going to tell you that the monopoly of prices (Monoprix en Brasil) and the Canadian version of the Piggly Wiggly (Couche Tard) PACS* is both a financial and sanitary restrictions cooperative…

And still to come, if she so desires on or at around noon, the Front National guide-on Marine La Pluma… for the occasion, BFM’er TV prepared an opposites-parallels capsule showcasing the one thing that Them United States of America guarantees with Liberty and Fuscas¹ for all… titled:

Oh, the fuck’n IROny, Yasmin!
is it just the Circle of spots²?

The good thing is that one of Donald Trump’s executive legacies will include the reduction in troops in the territories where Liz Cheney’s dad made a lot of bucks. 🐇 In context, the good U.S. Representative-at-Large for the same state where her dad used to lay telephone line (Why-oh-ming) is probably atoning for her father’s excursions; or maybe Madame Representative is the King Slayer that motivated Mayor Giuliani to call “trial by combat”… I mean, this people have Sex With Their Parents³.

But FO’ist it’s another edition (for the FO’ist time) of, “What The Fuck, Yasmin Vassoughian?”… WTF, Yas? Starring Yassmin Vassoughian.

We begin WTF, Yas? With our favorite Saturday and Sunday morning cartoon of Lindsey Reiser… LINDSEY!!!, HEY, LINDSEY… meet me at the corner of Marvin and Gaye for Military Vehicle Identification refresher course, but FO’ist, let’s take a closer look at our favorite Generals, over—

[Radio Silence, or Listening Silence Fa-Fa-Follows]

“Esta’z laïs—toria DEA-un Gato (punto y coma) está el Gato Tom, está Don Gato… pero todo el Mundo Quiere Ver?”… Anyone?, anyone?, David Jolly? Anyone? Which Cat does the world wishes to see? — Anyone?

—_*_— Cienfuegos update

Lorem ipsum Dolores Hidalgo Chingue A Su Madre El/La que deje Algo

Say there Mª Teresa Kumar what ever happened to the former Mexican president, Enrique de Jesús Peña Nieto’s, military bodyguard? M’ember him? You know who i mean, right? The one that Minister Ebrard succeeded to get a PARDON for; m’ember him? He was nabbed in El Ey by the D.E.A. while he (the military guarda espaldas) was shopping for this and that. Man, that Marcelo Ebrard is a heck of a diplomat, proving that Mexico, like the Very French, never leave a political picke in a foreign jail.

💯🔥 🆙📆 —_*_—

🗣 Medhi Hassan built my Hot-Rod… it’s a love affair, mainly Medhi and my Hot Rod… [Yeah, fuck it].

… and then Black Spy’s boss-man, Jim Cavanaugh, sends the ol’Irish “nick-o’the thumb on the lower lip signal”, tell me Sir, who does good in prison? The privileged crooks that’s who. How many of those did you frame into a cell?

Heck the only individual that love prisons are the same MotherFuckers who have the monopoly of confiscation on the highway, Junior Brown, you know the kind, these unionized thugs with a badge will confiscate the tuition CASH of anyone who does not look like a full-grown trust fund baby, especially in the South… How Do You Think, Lindsey Riser, that them HOT WHEELS in police regalia comes from Tax Paying Dollars?… Silly, Wabbit, tax paying Dollars are reserved for the most Violent Political Party in God’s dying Earth and they go by the name: The Republicans. And yes, check the TALE of The Tape; pound for pound the most Wars on Record since the IV F.R. was dissolved and later occupied; ask Ah-nold Corn[s] from “The Church of Man Love”, Ah-Nold will tell produce a video for ya’. This is WHO öüï Are.

On a serious note: HEY, LINDSEY! That last interview that you and your sidekick just finished, was a Ray of Light on your last Trump Era Talking Head post. Good comeback on that advertorial for a failed prison system, in the form of experts from a former failed system cop.


1. Fuscas: Let’s ask the Diccionario de Mexicanismos Mexicanos de La Academia Mexicana de la Lengua Mexicana de los mexicanos… De Aztlán. De arranque, Raquelito, you can CHECK with Pulitzer Prize Winner, Eugene Robinson, —he will tell you that in Sao Paulo, a FUSCA is a German Beetle.

2. Spots: This of course are the Television spots; The Evil Television spots; for mor on that, here’s El Gato Volador, and the tale of “Don Gato y su pandilla”.

3. “It’s, Hey Motherfucker! »: según Lou Reed.


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