The Turner Diaries y AMLOCALIPTO en Max


Use Macroⁿ on this one… and you might want to use yer’ Peripheral vision if you’ve got one; Eye has 32 flavors and then some. Así que como dice la canción, “Squint yer’ i’s a little closer… ».

Right now, newsrooms across the Rolling Stone reino are scrambling to Ketch-up.

It’s 1987

Afterglow para corazones rotos.

It’s Primetime in Hilo, Hawaii, and 9 am at Km. Zero en Cité y esto es:

Lamentablemente in-imitable en Bac(h).

… Who needs a heart when a heart can be Broken, o “quebrado” como dice SALAZAR en la Embajada de Los Estados Unidos en América ⁿMéxico.

I believe that the colloquialism en locución verbal that your 🪶 Wambo-Jambo-Red Mexican-Greaser ass is looking for is, roto 💔, dijo un Chucho³ del Sol Azteca.

³~. Alejandro Encinas de Los 🐶https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2023/05/24 /politica/sistema-de-migracion-en-eu-esta-quebrado-ken-salazar /?from =homeonline&block =primeraOREJA

C’mon Ken, Eye has known for over a DECADE that you know what the Frequency is, a Man on the Moon told Mí so during an R.E.M. siesta with a Swiss 🇨🇭 Sista’… used to be “American” before 2013.

Intermedio entre colonias — Sapo Verde to Ewe (After Midnight)

A Diana… Got your Jara…


… and in Washington, it’s “qué Linda está la Mañana, en qué Martín Luther King (ahora en México)” is the second rey in the Naipes from Yesterday’s hand, which as THEE, honorary Mexican citizen that you are, Reverend Sharpton, you should know that is Spanish for —Lutero, as in LUTERÍA; del que maneja la madera para hacer liras, no de Lutero y sus profecías, ni de el Lutero, of every black neighborhood on the Boulevard of crystal and crack.

Estás son—los sapo verdes— que canta-Haba, El Rey David (that’s the 3rd King in Spanish), a todos los hijos de Sánchez…

Jump to Primetime in Hilo, Hawaii, where it’s Porfirio’s birthday Eve:

“Con Ángeles y Flores…

To the Moon, Alicia! To the Moon! 🌖

Rigo es Amor and dis’ are his roots

Bola de putos 🇲🇽…

Good luck in Qatar during the Dictatorship’s  Fifa Cup, HO’id your Mesías Tropical is sending National 🇫🇷 Gendarmerie trained Babysitters to look after los Hijos de H. Sánchez, eh–wey‽

Note to France Banzaï at musique de la ventana (o sea, una serenata) : Phat Basterd’ has no corazón, puro buche. You have no heart  💃🏻… But Augustine Öüïöüï agrees, you got Soul, —frog.


Las Jaras : https ://forum .wordreference .com/threads/jara-las-jaras-del-indio-ad%C3%A1n-donde-pegan-dan-loter%C3%ADa.2462422/

¡Pfft! Phebruary nineteenth hundred and 45


Ketch-Up, little tiger… and Ewe’r not foolin’ anyone with Ken Salazar’s variety of 🤠 hats, Joe Rogan.

After the break, The GO’ill de Niza takes a trip with Jimmy Pilgrim to Tramafladoria and visits a Zoo in Vincennes.

And in Nice, the Phoenician ate all of pissaladière de les niçoises… BUT FO’ist!!! The fip sirens are boxing-up all of our tropes and De Nise Soula (that motherfucker) is curing an Old Ham and flushing all of the Rolling Stones themes down the WaWa’Loo—man!!!

Thème for a Rolling Stone by Oldham Andrew Orchestra (1966).

Eye saved Andy Warhol… Only on La Tribune de les Críticos de l’Histoire de discos on the Jukebox.

And, GO’ill de Misa, how’bout that Mass, eh? A Catholic with a Lutheran spirit, sounds like a job for SANTO El eNMasCarado de Planta.

Quick! Get me the Chairman of The Board!… ZOOLANDER is At, IT!, again. And he is making RACHEL MADDOW eat her Gazpacho, 🍅 microwaved.

The Humanity… of BLUE DEMON y El Huracán RAMírez.