“Don’t Stop mí Now” — Bannon en Technicolor

… but:

Let mi bee the one who told you so

Let mi bee the one who told you so… now watch the Flowers Grow. : . Mean, while the sky keeps falling down, Marianne Faithful stages a protest on the FIP Rock freq’s. Today at Issy–Les–Moulineaux Marianne stopped being Faithful and got stuck on a feeling, or something like that.

“if this is it”, then it’s Live from Babylon II.

[Attention Battlestations: The Following Must BEE Read in a Paul Harvey’s, “Eye took the wrong LEFT at la rue Elianne Jeannine Garreau” voice].

Right about now, as “Season 44 is in the books*” and the re–run carpeting of Tina Fey’s 49 year–old Philly Cheese Steak X–Más concha is locked and ready for S.Y.N.D.I.C.A.T.ION, the grim reaper is busy hitting the waves of La Seine, spreading his Knights of the Strom Thurman troopers. Tomorrow, as a matter of fact, that son–of–bitch will be within spitting distance of France’s equivalent of Donald Trump’s Pentagon, except —of course— with the subtle difference that in the schematics of the French structure the goddamned Snoopers bee shaped like a fucking HEX.

[sic] Flying Circus "Vee »

[sic] Flying Circus “Vee »… it’s – against – the – Biden (law).

Musical Guest:
The Legend of Ewe Stay!
Featuring, L.O.V.E. Park

… [A]t More, AL•AHhhhhhj•BAH•ma!

Stay atmore hotels

Stay at-more hotels

From abc News:

"... and here's to you," Ms. Beear

“… and here’s to you,” Ms. Beear

Day–old baguettes

PAGE 35: Day 138. Le Parisien.
Sarah Palin’s vulva is Önë–shy of un TOSTÓN. Sarah’s pussy is right up there with them S.I.R.E.N.S., casi esquina con Tecnicolor.


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