Oh… The Humanity, Jason Soboroff is GENTRIFYING the Tent City at the Parvis of the Train Station In LvIv

And, Kelly CobiHer:

Öüï can only see a peephole of Santa Qtarina, watch this Saddle en El Cerro.

As the World turns, Öüï is going to transport our happy blog to La Sultana del Norte, where LAS BOMBAS son huastecas.

‘El Bronco’, derrière les barreaux pour crimes électoraux

¡i’Cñor! Así mismo como se dice en Perros Bravos, y dónde los cabritos son “Al Pastor” y los cabrones, —todos— tienen rebaño.

Mediate… Need you tonight.


Repent, motherfucker.

His position is that there are no poor people’s in West Virginia, only Country Rhodes hobos.


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