La mezquindad del presidente Donald and his wife

Ms. Trump if you’re nasty…

Time now in Hilo, Hawaii

Time now in Hilo, Hawaii .:. 91E3D751-657A-446A-9676-1842D52AE7C9 🕜 https ://youtube .com /watch?v =EXJx2NnnxA0

Nasty Trump!

🎶 What is Lo que es — Rock Steady, baby

🎶 What is Lo que es — Rock Steady, baby .:. FD4F8F2A-B809-4D6A-BD32-9BB0E1B7CF89 🗺🧮 “You cannot petition the Lord, —with Prayer!”

Ladies in Gemini, this is not a Hoax;
this here is:
another edition of
Adventures in Transliteration.
With your host,
WordReferred RAE Reference
… on the Webster (MD) front.


Deer, Richard Lui @msnbc:

Azar means Chance… Eye knows, Eye knows, it’s not Fair, Dr., but what are you going to do when all is quiet on the Roman Front. This message is sponsored by Frosted “Lucky” charms.


In Local Motion soon–to-be Known News:

What it is — What it is

What it is — What it is .:.

Eye will get to witness how the GEARS of an Election process under distress in France work, too bad D.A.T. nobody in America reads this most non–consequential blog. Happy Voting — CENSUS 2020 follows.

Chasing the dragon

Chasing the dragon… only on in Wonderland, where else!?  America—The more you know.

Dear, The New York Times… Ewe, of all sources: “Attn”: cutline writers

Dear: TNYT,

Sur les Paves it’s high–noon à la rue de Ravioli—casí el lote Nº 59 de Mephistopheles Macaroni y el squat Night and Day… wait for it, wait.

In the mean time, Rabbit Hunter.
Do Ewe know what the great thing about
Opposable Thumbs is, dear Rabbit Hunter?

TimeStamp: 13 hundred hours in a world of “Shiny Pretty Things.”

City of Lights stuck between a Greek Cave and the City of brotherly love.

Opposable Thumbs are, first and foremost,
as shown on the fap graphic
as shown on the FIP graphic!
The FIP graphic!!! Not the fap graphic;
because as all battle stations know,
we all reckon that,
well that that sort of risque programming
comes bundled in another
streaming package…

Anygüey, Sirens, Radio France won’t let us
[the staff] lie.
are one of the greatest ever inventions to be  put into good use by the very French…
bread and butter, Rabbit Hunter,
come to mind a 2nd best.

Still, Rabbit Hunter, and as Virginia
found out the hard way with her sweet Charlotte,
our favorite invention
by the Very French

¡El Sujetador!!! mi Nena…
“Sueltate el pelo, y luego si quieres…”
como dirían los Hombres G
el sujetador.

Anygüey, the word of the day en Salamanca, la sultana que no presta, — ni en defensa propia es:

bola de « putains »,
para no tener que tacharlos
de ser puros
“putitos enchalecados”

… And it’s 14 hundred hours next to the Shiny Pretty Squat à Rivoli; or some joint like that.

“Hear me now.”

180.000 strong or something like that… « can Ewe hear me NOW… fieras », A Safari on The Storm, follows. « Is Everybody In? » » » Jimbo the Jungle Guy is ready to break on through.

… “if it’s Sunday”

Chuck Todd is probably:

sitting on a pear tree,
or on a corn flake with Sir Paul* and Willie Giest*.

Good morning, in Americana nuggets*
Today® is the 1st day of Festevus¹ 2016.

* amer • í • ca • na
noun plural… its popularity
[apuntaría a lo mejor,
un villancico de Milenio . com]

"El periodismo necesita inversión". | Grupo Milienio—Monterrey N.L. (México).

“El periodismo necesita inversión”. | Grupo Milienio—Monterrey N.L. (México).

es la alternativa que los “gringos”
le dieron al sustantivo que el resto del mundo
define como cultura material.

Right now… Chuck Todd is cutting
Donald Trump’s 2016 into three parts
National Issues just made the rounds…

A guy named H. Hewwitt is betting on Constructing Walls, Katy Tur [hello] is pushing for jobs, and “el” WaPo is echoing Chris Matthews infrastructure jingles.

TimeStamp 20:20 CET and it’s time :
for Round 2, National Security.
Right now, “the” POTUS-elect
is probably watching…
[the good thing about this blog]
is that Hugh Hewwitt doesn’t watch;
Joy Ann Reid to his left, maybe,
“I’m an optimist”.

Today’s word of the day is todo aquello que resultaría para Los Estados Unidos Americanos como una simplepena pecunaria“. The reason —as you may or may not know— includes all of those damn Trump Towers and Ties around the globe. Round two leaves two candles lit on the set of: Conoce a “la” prensa, una para Rusia y la otra para China. ¿Cuál de las dos quemará más las relaciones diplomaticas del Departamento de Estado que nos espera.

Round 3… The showman /populist segment
P.T. Barnum to scene. P.T. Barnum to scene.
Coming Up: The West Wing and Mussolini quotes…
A direct line to the inventor of Fascism.
TimeStamp: 10 minutos para las 9 de la noche en CET.

—intermedio para los que se fueron—
[Cortesía de With All due Respect]

The epilogue of today’s round table show:
… en Meet The Press a eso le dicen
“the” End Game.
Coming Up: “Who is the Democratic Party”
By Katy Kur… a new circus show²,
but not in North Carolina,
Progressives have banned that state.

Y colorín colorado… La temporada —2016 de Chuck Todd cerró el show.

If it’s Sunday…“,
and if it’s Christmas;
well, entonces Chucky
a lo mejor no es otra cosa
más que pura SERENDIPIA.

Uso justo de todos los cierres de temporadas, y de las aperturas para clausurar. | Fair use of Monterrey [64010] en Rungis [94150].

Uso justo de todos los cierres de temporadas, —y de las aperturas para clausurar. | Fair use of Monterrey [64010] en Rungis [94150].

Pero hablando de navidades… Did you know that it was the French, los que inventaron el arbolito de la navidad?

… ahora, puesto que “El periodismo necesita inversión”: El tronco común de las fuentes citadas —in no particular order.

[sources follow… time now: 1100hrs in CET.]

Número UNO:

Los codos de Monterrey… condenados judios*: Happy Menorá y Janucá day:

http ://www .elhorizonte .mx /opinion /editorial /los-codos-de-monterrey- /1651939

*With all due respect, of course.

Número DOS:

Surreal,” Heilemann said, describing the night… as read on DEADLINE HOLLYWOOD; via: http ://deadline .com /2016 /12 /donald-trump-bloomberg-with-all-due-respect-cancel-today-end-1201863325 /