The “Education” angle of Afghanistan

Hey there Katy Kay on the BBC of msnbc, so… are we talking Insane Clown Posse ‘freak show’ or just the regular Snake Oil salesmen sideshow? [1].

Ah, but of course! It makes sense that the V.P. would cut his trip to South America short, according to a Salon [dot] com  snoop, the guy who founded the mercenary group called Blackwater, Eric Prince*,  is trying to bring back the East India Co. … Or some scheme like that. This, in order to do a hostile ‘takeover’ on the U.S. Military traditional role of ‘war fighting’. Now, that is what Capitalism is all about “Free Enterprise.” And of course, Catherine Rampell of WaPo opinion page fame,  i Know It’s True— ‘cus i saw it on ‘the’ reddit posts, and not on the TV’s [2].

[2]… http ://www .salon .com /2017 /08 /08 /blackwater-founder-erik-prince-cites-east-india-company-as-a-model-to-privatize-afghanistan-war/

[1]. Big Kat is right, the U.S. is going the way Disco Music went in the 1980’s… and yes, it’s all Ted Nugent’s fault: FUCK YOU Ted Nugent.

Context continues to develop… Uso justo de doña Raquel and ‘the’ MSNBC’s.

Meanwhile, back at the U.S. “Backyard”, the NAFTA renegotiations are being rewritten in the background of an issue that already had been dealt with when Mussolini was turned on its head, and the Blitzkrieg stopped on its tracks. Which brings me to the following, as a tanker that served in the same Barracks (Mannheim) where General Patton had his fateful vehicular accident, i [armando Segovia –three each] believe that Donald Trump has no business comparing warfighters of yesteryears, especially when he cites Patton as a personal hero—and then—goes on Full-Suck-Ass mode with the Russian president’s butthole. There’s an acronym for that at Sachsenhousen’s Red Light District, and it’s called ATD’s, short for Anal Tounge Darts. Mr. Trump, in that battlefront you provide “the” dart.

Uso justo de Cousin Joe & msnbc… Rafa!!! Avísale a Brozo que Trump le quiere quitar su chamba.

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