20 de noviembre – Capítulo 4; chingada madre PIT* II…

*Paco Ignacio Taibo, Jr.

Contexto del mes de octubre de 2015, a seguir. Y sí don Paco, es un rollo paralelo a la visita de John Mill Ackerman en el 2014 a París… momentito por favor, porque tiene que ver con la pregunta que le hiciera una voz femenil al minuto 53 con 55 segundos en ese mismo foro, y con su respuesta a ella en el contexto de Marx Vol. 2; y sí don Paco, la cuestión giró en torno a, “¿quién escribe el presente, para mejor ubicar el pasado Sin Divisionismos ni Sectas Partidistas?  •—_¡_—• Captura de pantalla cortesía de La Brigada FIL hashtag — o alguna chingadera del tuítter que más o menos se escribe así.

ECONOMICS REPRODUCTION as explained by a Washington commentator: sarcasm, or exceptional cynisim… Andrea Mitchell decides.

… yeah, it’s like MONOPOLIES with restraints… right, Timmy—my boy? Alex can we [the staff] get a hell yeah? With a special Kasie Hunt thunderbolt?

Hey there Cousin Joe, we [the staff] are a bit confused with this fellow named Timothy Carney, a commentary editor at The Washington Examiner; maybe it was sarcasm or maybe it was the bratty ways of yet another one of America’s favorite exceptional kids who equates the US debt, as one of those “to big to fail Scams” that come with an $85 Billon Dollar Bailout tag and, as if that wasn’t enough, Carney gets his kicks by pouring some salt on a deep-cut wound, es decir, Mika, by aluding to your audience [the staff included] that there is no such thing as a Citizens United Supreme Court decision; has that law been repealed? Senator McCain (R – AZ) has not sent the memo about that aberration being scraped from the books.

Bad troll—no cookie.

BTW.—you guys! Good job! Kudos to the MorJo Hearing Impaired Team for CENSURING out that particular comment about Citizens United made by Mr. Free Enterprise above, for those with difficulties inside the ears, here it goes:

Corporations aren’t people, they don’t actually pay TAXES—they COLLECT IT [sic]…

Where is Barnicle when you need him, wonder what Mrs. Barnicle at B of A would comment about trolly mcTroll comments above.

Willie Geist most definitely approves of that digital white-out… tell you what, Cousin Joe, please have the one and only Andrea Mitchell talk to the ex FED Chairman and ask her to please instruct Ol’fountainhead Greenspan to place a complimentary phone call to Janet Yellen, and have the current FED Chairperson  print out a couple dozen wads of brand spanking new Steive Mnuchin $100 Dollar bills, wrapped up in $50 dollar sheets, please ensure that the Secretary’s signature is showing… Fuck it: We Are The United States! — Not Sean Penn’s Venezuela!

… TimeStamp: 03h00 CET

Katty, my Dear, you ask for context?—we don’t need no Stinkin’ Context!

… al regresar,
Marco teórico mis huevos;
marco los de los cuadros
o algo así —según PIT II.

Hey, Cousin Joe, the next time you have the urge to book presidente Fox on your morning show, please go ahead and book Paco Jr., no seas una burbuja; o como decía Young Karl Marx: un circuito cerrado de Información Reproducida en amplitud bien modulada… and Cousin Joe: no te sigas haciendo pendejo con ese iPhone X, ¡ya mándalo Güey!

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