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We are experiencing technical difficulties, but when we return, a Dear Cousin Joe segment, plus a recap on Morning Joe’s favorite Mexican media darling: El Presidente Vicente Fox; and we continue with this week’s special edition: Las Memorias de la Guayabera Blanca, with special guest: CIA’s favorite Grand Theft Auto operative, and Luis Echeverria’s version of The Man With The Iron Heart (HHhH): Miguel Nazar Haro.

Additionally, we add a new section, one we’d like to call:

Well… that took some balls.

Emmanuel Macron

(President, One–Each) guest stars.

Headline capture courtesy of The Guardian… Hello, today is yesterday’s tomorrow and that’s why we chose to post this Guardian headline regarding a leadership trait of Emmanuel Macron. Our entry from yesterday was actually about the display of character that it took Mr. Macron in order to  inform and–or remind French Nationalists that not a single German participated in the logistics that it took to coordinate the deportation of 76,000 people to Nazi concentration camps… yesterday’s Guardian mentioned that on a day like today, July 18th, 13000 were already in cattle cars being railroaded to what we now refer to as The Holocaust; 4000 of these were children, less than 100 lived to tell their story. AGAIN 76000 was the total number of souls shipped out of France in order to comply with Herr Heydrich’s Final Solution request.

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