Moovin’ on — Sous les jupons de morena’s mantas in La France

Hey, Ali Vittalli… Eye can see ALASKA from Maison Blanche, M-7, Paris.

Symbols matter Brewster-Boy 🏀


Terminology is important, and with that in mind, “My Adidas” have nothing to do with your PUMA, and even less with Lithuania.

Se Volaron A Voltaire, y ahora quieren el Champiñón de Montesquieu.

With that in mind, Igor, here’s the context of the MANTAS that Eye will be “covering*” in the next 36 hours.

https ://en .wiktionary .org /wiki /narcomanta

*~. Encobijado, not to be confused with an , “en sarapado”.

But first, Mika. It turns out she’s Dodger curious and this is the cue to get back to the ClassRoom.

She’s a Pole Dancer on the weekends…

Buzzfeed presents, a captive audience and Steaks from midnight until 4 am in the Mañana, güera.

This is, Smoking In The Boys Room… a look back and here is why, because the month of August is Virgo’s call, on « The Re-Runs » in France, nobody works en el mes de Augusto, starring “el ratón Miguelito”.

Across from Del Río, una manta con “no hay moreno que resista un cañonazo de 50,000 vernissages en Paris, Francia… y menos una pinche silla de “conferencista” ».

moreno adj. Partidario del partido de Ándres Manuel López Obrador… as in:

Previously on Jesus on Safari, El Chuy hooks up with a Swedish meatball maker at IKEA (France) and tests drives a SAAB, in the frame, Jesus handles a “Bofors Dynamics” 84 mm (3.31 in) unguided, man-portable, disposable single-shot, shoulder-fired smoothbore recoilless AT-4.

Georgina Moreno es morenista y le gusta el hummus, lo hace con estiércol Bio de Florence Cassez, francesa en “vacaciones del Pôle Emploi» y víctima en Cuernavaca, Morelos, México, del tráfico de MANTAS con ISRAEL.


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