Dear, Vanessa Hauc, Las Puertas están abiertas

At Le Mirage it’s 10 hundred Hours in “Latino X” Times, whatever that might mean.

Robin X

Robin H .:. F332F8C3-3226-4866-89BF-4671E6FE74B7 🏹⚾️ Sponsored by La Soupe at Saint Eustache, 75001.

En México, pues en México la hora es lo de menos, doña Inti, en Mexico son las horas que el presidente de México quiera, y si él (cacas) quiere, ahorita son las horas que don Andrés y John Mill Ackerman se les hinchen, y cómo dice José Díaz–Balart en Telemundo: ¡Arriba El Yunque!

Eye gknew it

Eye gknew it!!! .:. E998DD20-BCAA-4B95-A2F4-6FAF2681375B — Dear, Vanessa Hauc, let’s pick it up a notch, do you, Señora, know the name of la seño’ del  presidente de México? — Fea no es, and that is all the clues that America Ferrara is going to leave in this here, cuadro.

Anyway, Hallie Jackson, Eye hopes that the Lights in Vegas stay on all night, and we [the staff] send a shout–out to José Díaz–Balart, who just revealed that he’s been a U.S. citizen since like 1985. Of course, you would be forgiven if you went through the Telemundo programming believing that Ms. Vanessa Hauc is from Peru, or from Colombia, or from sud América, when in fact, Ms. Hauc is from AUSTRALIA!!! AUSSI, Brian Williams, no more “caucusing”.

Aussi, Bernie Sanders is in El Chuco!!! In Real Time del bueno, y no chingaderas.

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