Jazz is on Hallyday, literalmente, Johnny

16 de marzo, 2020

The Day La Île Stood Still


— Alemania (1935)
Adolf breaks Versailles and gives every german his GUNS.

And in Music News, James Hetfield can continue with his recovery, changes in priorities have afforded the Metal Monster the opportunity to rest and recover, (you lucky dog), on the flip-side, Axl Rose is a fucking Asshole, in Castilian (del Bueno) that transliterates to —Muere (abuelito) Latino fest.

Over at the Rockefeller pundit centers, D.A.T. outfit that Katy Tur is wearing is swell, a bunch of little brown squares, it matches her hair. Nice.

… Dear, Senator Warren, welcome back. The Senate is where you Shine. Time Now: 01h40 on Tuesday morning in Central Europe Times. Dear, Gov. Cuomo, congratulations on spotting the Wave; now, have you spotted the tumbleweed yet?

… Deer, Tom Perez (sin acento) Tommy One Note is right, the safest place for The COVID-19 is at the ballots, mostly because young fuckers are to busy not voting. So have at it ‘gramps’ vote a güey.

…[A]nd in WaWa Land, the Poles are talking – It’s Weekend Edition

Meanwhile, Fegluzi is calling in the phD’s, and Nicolle is going mystical in her wardrobe choices. Oh, The Humanity.

Cn't you smell that smell

Can’t you smell that smell .:. 5563950A-C6ED-4869-977C-7AFAD00D7284

The virus, Wallace, spreads like a tumbleweed, of course, it will take another month to figure out what, öüï, is talking about.

Anygüey, Eddie Gloude Junior, in Hilo, Hawaii it’s the 11th Hour, and after a well deserved night of sleep [after an Epic masturbation session] we say goodbye to February 2020, LAEP Year in an election cycle in Chuck Berry’s « Promise Land », which can only transliterate to the following:

I can see the stars, but I can’t see what’s going on
Every night alone I sing my song just for fun
Only time will tell if I’ll make it myself someday
This stage is mine, music is my destiny

Orgullo, Pasión y Gloria

Orgullo, Pasión y Gloria .:. Metal Up Your Ass (demo).

Vamo’a macanear — Let’s Play hardball

Dear, Chris Matthews:

You’re gonna like the way you look.

“Te lo prometo.”

… [A]nd if you get the Burlinghton Men’s Warehouse Local 3 Union reference, then —motherfucker— youse half-güey D.A.R.E., eh.

In any case at the “dog track”, Cousin Joe, « Santa’s Little Helper » ain’t got a chance at the races, “Yo Quiero Taco Bell”, now that little motherfucker can run circles and Pi’s on any given Blitzkreig.

Coming up in the programming

Coming up in the programming .:. 033D1F6C-8850-4BEE-83F6-7B56BB63F349 🥁 The only RUSH that matters.

Now, about MONEY in American Politics, can you, Willie Geist, relay to the NAACP that if IOWA and New Hampshire are to be scraped from the primaries, THEN every motherfucking State, including the Super Tuesdays need to be erased from the delegate count. The current system only benefits Bill Clinton’s deregulated Media Conglomerates. A six month stump period and one  Sunday morning —after The Church— to vote in all of the States and Territories to decide who in the fuck will get to ride the motherfucking Donkey in the race against the Pachyderm. Now D.A.T., Cousin Joe, is race worth betting on, —motherfucker!, period

—————— 🗣🖕🏼👿✍🏽😈 —————-

But, FOist, a look  on  at the “Metal Militia” as read by Keith Richards:

And Ozzy went...

And Ozzy went… just take a piss on The Alamo and carry–on, ya’Bum!

James went from “riding the lightning” to riding an Air Farce … scratch D.A.T. from Riding The Lightning to riding an Air Force stationary physical training bike.

P.S.: Hey, Lars, “Jason’s Mexican slave–boy” called, he wants James « lit » up again so that Kirk can jam with one of your roadies… motherfucker!

Deer, Niño Luc: please Stand–by for Sit-Rep

You, sir, are one mean mother…

D'ya say The Olympia?

D’ya say The Olympia?… Öüï haven’t had that Spirit (as domicile) since Lacey [WA] 1996, heck in the process we think’s that at least one “u” went missing ; or something like that. The Key without the Tickets (documents) is just mean, Man! Mean.

Houston has got Joe Biden.

Joe's Ramp

Joe’s Ramp

And Garreth; please relay to Chuck Todd, that we, [the staff] stopped covering the News pending Brontis à La Préfecture decision on le Titre de Séjour; in the meanwhÎLE, öüï are obsessed with Nicole’s distorted Spectacular (snapshot follows).