Breaking The —eye told you so— News

The Trump family and their close associates caught the COVID-19 virus.



This is to certify that the President of The United States of America Pursuant to the Authority vested in him By CONGRESS has awarded THE


Established by General George Washington at NEWBURGH, NEW YORK, August 7 1782.

President Donald John Trump

For self-inflicted Merit and for Wounds received at one of his most-consequential rallys.

Our thoughts go out to all of the military personal WHO have no choice but to accessorize the 45th Edition of E Pluribus Unum, or Out of One Many… or something like D.A.T.!

On both sides of The Atlantic

On both sides of The Atlantic .:. 57FDCF3C-C5F0-430A-B74E-A97CDF7BACF4 .:.

News of that diagnosis was rapidly spread around the word and shook no one by surprise, in Paris, the Siren Den marked the occasion with a so-called Soirée FADO (en Inglés, off-course) instead of Jazz… Oh, The Humanity.

In El Ey, perhaps it was our most recent reporting of the L.A. Times apologetic manifesto to migrants (in general) and the news that Florence Cassez returned to a life of body snatching that the editors of that news organization chose to cover the story of La Banda de Los Abuelitos Secuestradores de El Monte (neta que sí).

Breaking the News — God damn it!

Dear, Senator Klobuchar:
Öüï fell in love with you, and then, Rachel Maddow goes on and reveals on National TV, D.A.T. you are married!!!

Öüï don’t pray, but and, we most certainly don’t Bite. Öüï can only hope that your significant other gets to beat the Modelo®️ of viruses. And if you’ve ever had totopos in a Mexican restaurant, then you’ll know what we are talking about.

In other, Capitol Hill news, what senator Rand Paul (R–KY) doesn’t know is D.A.T. with every backstroke that he took at the Congressional swimming pool, and that with every pedal motion that generated a drop of sweat from his odorless armpits he exponentially infected thousands of people, starting of course, with the distinguished members of his staff.

Ahora cuéntame una de vampiros

Sunny day
Sweeping the clouds away
On my way to where the air is sweet
Can you tell me how to get
How to get to sesame street

https ://www .quora .com /When-is-it-correct-to-say-something-is-growing-exponentially

Breaking The News, New York City is now, in a State of Emergency

Incompetence and a Four–day Weekend.

Over at the “What’s in your wallet” waiting room, the Fugazi crew just reminded the President of them united states, that the Insurance LOBBY is only going to pay for what they (the board) needs, not what the average Stupid American bloke thinks that his comprehensive coverage and Donald Trump promises are going to meet.

Working Ho's

Working Ho’s .:. 70D6A0DD-2E6D-4A42-B8C6-8ACAB0D42997 🦵🏻 Who’s gonna look after the oldest profession in your block?

“Youuuuuu dirtyyyyyy Raaaaaat!
Billy Sparrow

TimeDelayed TimeStamp from Rockefeller Center is 16h20… smoke’em if EWE got’em, and yes! Bogie, you may Bogart D.A.T. Joint and keep that Corona for yourself.

Later on C-SPAN 3, it’s a “Debbie does Disney on Hulu” marathon. Synopsis, Debbie breaks the democratic election process of 2016 and Donna pays for the “process”.

She fucked the process

First she fucked the process — then she did the Nation .:. 6E30818C-0CB8-4F46-B5CA-F21EE3894EA8

C–SPAN, better than porn for junkies.

Vamo’a macanear — Let’s Play hardball

Dear, Chris Matthews:

You’re gonna like the way you look.

“Te lo prometo.”

… [A]nd if you get the Burlinghton Men’s Warehouse Local 3 Union reference, then —motherfucker— youse half-güey D.A.R.E., eh.

In any case at the “dog track”, Cousin Joe, « Santa’s Little Helper » ain’t got a chance at the races, “Yo Quiero Taco Bell”, now that little motherfucker can run circles and Pi’s on any given Blitzkreig.

Coming up in the programming

Coming up in the programming .:. 033D1F6C-8850-4BEE-83F6-7B56BB63F349 🥁 The only RUSH that matters.

Now, about MONEY in American Politics, can you, Willie Geist, relay to the NAACP that if IOWA and New Hampshire are to be scraped from the primaries, THEN every motherfucking State, including the Super Tuesdays need to be erased from the delegate count. The current system only benefits Bill Clinton’s deregulated Media Conglomerates. A six month stump period and one  Sunday morning —after The Church— to vote in all of the States and Territories to decide who in the fuck will get to ride the motherfucking Donkey in the race against the Pachyderm. Now D.A.T., Cousin Joe, is race worth betting on, —motherfucker!, period

—————— 🗣🖕🏼👿✍🏽😈 —————-

But, FOist, a look  on  at the “Metal Militia” as read by Keith Richards:

And Ozzy went...

And Ozzy went… just take a piss on The Alamo and carry–on, ya’Bum!

James went from “riding the lightning” to riding an Air Farce … scratch D.A.T. from Riding The Lightning to riding an Air Force stationary physical training bike.

P.S.: Hey, Lars, “Jason’s Mexican slave–boy” called, he wants James « lit » up again so that Kirk can jam with one of your roadies… motherfucker!

Meanwhile at BFM’er TV… From La Madd Cow Disease to La Grippe Corona

o como dicen los hindúes:

¡Qué Viva Eisenstein! — Chicago, Chicago.

BREAKING NEWS: Walk Like an Egyptian

Our man in Cairo

Our man in Cairo… he was “our dictator” not like that Fidel Castro, CAT!!! .:. CD63400A-073E-45E6-9139-E523E7ED01DB 🗽📡📎📐🕉🃏

🎶 All the kids in the Market Place say
Ay oh Güey Oh, Ay oh Güey OH
Walk like an Egyptian…

... [W]hen in ROMA

Il Postino… [W]hen in ROMA .:. 50202BCA-A9AE-41FB-95D1-FBE69DDEB05D 🐇 Con tu permiso Marianne, Marianita de las MARIONettas: dear, Marine Le Pen, Madam, Eye does know if it’s those baby corn dentils that you sport as a «grill » mais, ta gueule, Señora, makes me want to fornicate with you like an Animal con una Cuarta.

Dr. Philippe Juvin*, reports live via satellite from L’archte 1–2–3 in Nice.

*Professeur de médecine
Georges Pompidou European Medical Center

——- Musical Guest: