La mezquindad del presidente Donald and his wife

Ms. Trump if you’re nasty…

Time now in Hilo, Hawaii

Time now in Hilo, Hawaii .:. 91E3D751-657A-446A-9676-1842D52AE7C9 🕜 https ://youtube .com /watch?v =EXJx2NnnxA0

Nasty Trump!

🎶 What is Lo que es — Rock Steady, baby

🎶 What is Lo que es — Rock Steady, baby .:. FD4F8F2A-B809-4D6A-BD32-9BB0E1B7CF89 🗺🧮 “You cannot petition the Lord, —with Prayer!”

Ladies in Gemini, this is not a Hoax;
this here is:
another edition of
Adventures in Transliteration.
With your host,
WordReferred RAE Reference
… on the Webster (MD) front.


Deer, Richard Lui @msnbc:

Azar means Chance… Eye knows, Eye knows, it’s not Fair, Dr., but what are you going to do when all is quiet on the Roman Front. This message is sponsored by Frosted “Lucky” charms.


In Local Motion soon–to-be Known News:

What it is — What it is

What it is — What it is .:.

Eye will get to witness how the GEARS of an Election process under distress in France work, too bad D.A.T. nobody in America reads this most non–consequential blog. Happy Voting — CENSUS 2020 follows.

Chasing the dragon

Chasing the dragon… only on in Wonderland, where else!?  America—The more you know.

Vamo’a macanear — Let’s Play hardball

Dear, Chris Matthews:

You’re gonna like the way you look.

“Te lo prometo.”

… [A]nd if you get the Burlinghton Men’s Warehouse Local 3 Union reference, then —motherfucker— youse half-güey D.A.R.E., eh.

In any case at the “dog track”, Cousin Joe, « Santa’s Little Helper » ain’t got a chance at the races, “Yo Quiero Taco Bell”, now that little motherfucker can run circles and Pi’s on any given Blitzkreig.

Coming up in the programming

Coming up in the programming .:. 033D1F6C-8850-4BEE-83F6-7B56BB63F349 🥁 The only RUSH that matters.

Now, about MONEY in American Politics, can you, Willie Geist, relay to the NAACP that if IOWA and New Hampshire are to be scraped from the primaries, THEN every motherfucking State, including the Super Tuesdays need to be erased from the delegate count. The current system only benefits Bill Clinton’s deregulated Media Conglomerates. A six month stump period and one  Sunday morning —after The Church— to vote in all of the States and Territories to decide who in the fuck will get to ride the motherfucking Donkey in the race against the Pachyderm. Now D.A.T., Cousin Joe, is race worth betting on, —motherfucker!, period

—————— 🗣🖕🏼👿✍🏽😈 —————-

But, FOist, a look  on  at the “Metal Militia” as read by Keith Richards:

And Ozzy went...

And Ozzy went… just take a piss on The Alamo and carry–on, ya’Bum!

James went from “riding the lightning” to riding an Air Farce … scratch D.A.T. from Riding The Lightning to riding an Air Force stationary physical training bike.

P.S.: Hey, Lars, “Jason’s Mexican slave–boy” called, he wants James « lit » up again so that Kirk can jam with one of your roadies… motherfucker!

Dear, Abbé Pierre (Patrón) have an Apple

It’s the Eve of the most metal of all the RATT’s, — The Corona Rat!

Ahhhh, Chucky Shaky!!!

Ahhhh, Chucky Shaky!!! Shifty Shacky is one B.A.D. Mothe—shut yo’Mouth— Trump ain’t got nothing on the Right Write.

BUT FOist, dear Patrón,
It’s a special Edition of
National Sports Day.
The Arena at Châtelet – Les Halles
is now Sanitized and ready to blow.
La Guardia Nacional (gendarmes)
have made full–use of
LORDE Haussmann’s strategic funneling
along every possible avenue of approach from
Les MisérablesVer. 5.0,
scrimmage has been corded and barricaded–off; SIRENS are wailing and if youse a tourist in Paris, France, right NOW, this (motherfuckers) is the best SHOW in town. It’s like the RUNNING OF THE BULLS, with a hint of Rage Against The Machine

Anyway, Senator HAKEEM JEFFERIES, you D.A.R.E. ask “What is M.O.R.E. American than Baseball and Apple P.I.E.?” Why, Mí, of course… but seriously the only thing more American than those two Avatars, ⚾️ and 🍏 π is this:

2 and a Quarter

2 and a Quarter, in Central NATO Times, motherfucker!!!