Deer, Niño Luc: please Stand–by for Sit-Rep

You, sir, are one mean mother…

D'ya say The Olympia?

D’ya say The Olympia?… Öüï haven’t had that Spirit (as domicile) since Lacey [WA] 1996, heck in the process we think’s that at least one “u” went missing ; or something like that. The Key without the Tickets (documents) is just mean, Man! Mean.

Houston has got Joe Biden.

Joe's Ramp

Joe’s Ramp

And Garreth; please relay to Chuck Todd, that we, [the staff] stopped covering the News pending Brontis à La Préfecture decision on le Titre de Séjour; in the meanwhÎLE, öüï are obsessed with Nicole’s distorted Spectacular (snapshot follows).

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