…[A]nd in WaWa Land, the Poles are talking – It’s Weekend Edition

Meanwhile, Fegluzi is calling in the phD’s, and Nicolle is going mystical in her wardrobe choices. Oh, The Humanity.

Cn't you smell that smell

Can’t you smell that smell .:. 5563950A-C6ED-4869-977C-7AFAD00D7284

The virus, Wallace, spreads like a tumbleweed, of course, it will take another month to figure out what, öüï, is talking about.

Anygüey, Eddie Gloude Junior, in Hilo, Hawaii it’s the 11th Hour, and after a well deserved night of sleep [after an Epic masturbation session] we say goodbye to February 2020, LAEP Year in an election cycle in Chuck Berry’s « Promise Land », which can only transliterate to the following:

I can see the stars, but I can’t see what’s going on
Every night alone I sing my song just for fun
Only time will tell if I’ll make it myself someday
This stage is mine, music is my destiny

Orgullo, Pasión y Gloria

Orgullo, Pasión y Gloria .:. Metal Up Your Ass (demo).

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