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16 de marzo, 2020

The Day La Île Stood Still


— Alemania (1935)
Adolf breaks Versailles and gives every german his GUNS.

And in Music News, James Hetfield can continue with his recovery, changes in priorities have afforded the Metal Monster the opportunity to rest and recover, (you lucky dog), on the flip-side, Axl Rose is a fucking Asshole, in Castilian (del Bueno) that transliterates to —Muere (abuelito) Latino fest.

Over at the Rockefeller pundit centers, D.A.T. outfit that Katy Tur is wearing is swell, a bunch of little brown squares, it matches her hair. Nice.

… Dear, Senator Warren, welcome back. The Senate is where you Shine. Time Now: 01h40 on Tuesday morning in Central Europe Times. Dear, Gov. Cuomo, congratulations on spotting the Wave; now, have you spotted the tumbleweed yet?

… Deer, Tom Perez (sin acento) Tommy One Note is right, the safest place for The COVID-19 is at the ballots, mostly because young fuckers are to busy not voting. So have at it ‘gramps’ vote a güey.

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