🎶 🗣 Y como era de oropel, se lo di a mi Tiny Dancer

[This is an Amnesty International Placeholder*]

But FO’ist!!! the « Chief Commander » is knot a happy camper to they, no-no-No-Nooooo! Lorde Lorne (motherfucker) how can you have the most recent matricula of SNL hint that STRONG:

one of the most well-rounded performers in the show’s recent history. She can act, she can sing, she’s hilarious, and she can create strongly realized characters with a good central gag

ah, and she speaks better french than that Floosy « Bardot ».

is saying goodbye to Live From New York!!! WTF, Lorne.

# 40 mis pelotas, Cecily is N° 1¹, period

¹.) Next to Gilda and Jane, —of course.

PS: ha’bout you take a Break, Lord Lorne?

And, Loss of Signal… Eye M. Groot! — Upon hearing that her doppelgänger² at Live From New York, [was about to get sacked, digitalized and Sold as Limited Editionmeme”] the most famous French in his story reached out to her new beau, a young Buck called Groot, (a handsome SumBitch) to say thanks for the laughs. On a serious note: Cathy Anne… Eye is in love with you.

².) Dangling participle courtesy of the Independent Nation-Island of SAMOA on the Rachel Maddow Show... Aussie, follows.

* Knot to be confused with a panhandler, eh! And Claire McCaskill, let the record show that the representation of Cecily Strong in the role of Catherine Deneuve is by an anonymous artist, Groot comes courtesy of La Mairie de Paris.

Later in the programming, it’s another edition of RUN, Pesquet! 👨🏻‍🚀 RUN Motherfucker 🏌🏻‍♂️ it’s Sports They à FIP, —in Rome… and « CONSTANTINE » is at the plate; de Algeciras a Estambul on page 15 of N° 2590 of CNewsMatin, Defendente Génolini HIJACKS the inning demanding that MLB release the Broadcast to Belarus 🛰

The letter K in baseball denotes a strike, un abanicó en Castellano et, KENTUCKY Fried Chicken at The Pershing Memorial Baseball Field à Vincennes.

After the break, at the Bottom of the Second, Dario Moreno takes the Left Field and plots the Revolt of Hercules with Serge Gainsbourg, or something like that, but Eye wouldn’t know… it’s in GREEK, but i used to be a fan of El Pancracio, and i know that André The Giant agrees with Mí when we watch Gory Guerrero in one of his first battles of Lucha Libre [en la colonia Roma], here below is the great Gory against Ciudad Juarez’ native, El Vikingo.

And BARATUNDE’s love of The Police aside, be adviced that Steve Kaplowitz at El Paso Inc. is the only sheep worth saving in that Old West Texas radio Station: The “Q“.

IN WASHINGTON, Mars mom was hypnotized by Shannon Pettypiece into believing that she is the Lead Singer of FAITH NO MORE… Mike Patton is knot amused… especially when you consider that in her off-time Shannon is a satellite for the CLAP underground from Paris… [S]itrep and Sirene bullshit relay that a knock-off of Le Parisien CLAP began to appear in Australia, aussi… a bunch of old Jewish SDF’s from Le Kremlin-Bicêtre took the CLAP Down-under after the Parisian cops raided the Villejuif Underground… those motherfuckers.

And just to put a Cherry on Claire McCaskill’s vanilla cake U Think U are Falling 2 pie•ces

In Babylon 2, Mayor DiBlasio is re-interpreting Cri-Cri for gringos at The AP. Nicolle Wallace was last seen going through her Texas librarians rolodex, the pundit is trying to get a head-start with the lyrics of “Caminito de la escuela”.

And Mika…  LEAVE CUBA ALONEEEEE!… And Adam, don’t Öüï all have a little of Genesis en tous? After all, Willie Geist will tell y’all that Öüï is nothing but neutrons, electrons, protons and some, even have a little neutrino in them, Trou Story. Ask André, he’ll tell ya’… AND COUSIN JOE,  Stop It, nobody likes John Wayne before breakfast and especially, knot before a Siesta.

Like Ice-T, Eye can’t predict the future, but Öüï know that if youse add Long Island in the mix it’s going to be a Hit, WAIT JERRY, scratch D.A.T. — It’s GOLD JERRY! Au!!!

Aussi… please relay to the Big Case that Öüï loves Ale, many many Ale… 🏌🏻‍♂️


Penta-Namas-t’esta con Adela Micha

Previously on, ACAPULCO: this is no time for Siesta, en Roma…

The Minister of zEducation in The France got the CLEP Test.

https ://study .com /academy /goal /transferable-credit /credit-by-exam /clep-exams-college-level-examination-program .html?src=ppc_adwords_nonbrand&rcntxt=aws&crt=318281655593&kwd=clep%20test&kwid=kwd-379725720&agid=63515012836&mt=e&device=m&network=g&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI4caoj8_f8AIVgQWiAx0_wAcVEAAYASAAEgLJI_D_BwE

Televisa presenta… A Band in Parts (literally) en colaboración avec El Ave María y Los Toreros Muertos, y por supuesto, in the role of El Espíritu Santo: JAVIER.

The ruling party candidate reveals that she too was conceived through Immaculate Conception, and that “El Espíritu Santo” is her dad.

But FO’ist! Live from an Island where i hang around, Eye wants to remind Republican Honcho, Richard Steele, that son of a bitch, that the next time that a peacock makes reference to a Banana Republic do not forget that these were all made possible by diligent Black Ops and of course, International Spy Masters like Avi Velshi and, average fisgones such as Malcolm Nance, of Black Spy fame… at the plate empty seats wonder where in the fuck is Voltaire? Word has not reached Vincennes that previously on this same blog: se volaron a Voltaire, and that motherfucker remains at-large.

It’s all Greek To Mí… CORRE Y SE VA!!!
To the Moon Day, Monday…
and YURI! If you are listening
ay T’va este CASCABEL para celebrar el mes más francés en Roma (colonia).

Sin Embargo, para no perder “el tino”, the Holy See, Eye told you, designates CONSTANTINO as the next at bat.


PAS D’Ticket… Eye is an Anti-christ, and Eye quotes: an anarchist! BRUSELAS ES MÁS “belga”, Siren.

Se Volaron a VOLTAIRE

ATTENTION  https ://www .theproutschool .org /arts /music BEE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR ASPIRING “High School French Horns” seeking admission into your music Academia. 

Intelligent REPORTS relay that them filthy frogs can go by the name of Gonorrhëa, or STD. Fuck with said γονόρροια ουσ θηλ at your own peril [imagine a Period here]