Penta-Namas-t’esta con Adela Micha

Previously on, ACAPULCO: this is no time for Siesta, en Roma…

The Minister of zEducation in The France got the CLEP Test.

https ://study .com /academy /goal /transferable-credit /credit-by-exam /clep-exams-college-level-examination-program .html?src=ppc_adwords_nonbrand&rcntxt=aws&crt=318281655593&kwd=clep%20test&kwid=kwd-379725720&agid=63515012836&mt=e&device=m&network=g&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI4caoj8_f8AIVgQWiAx0_wAcVEAAYASAAEgLJI_D_BwE

Televisa presenta… A Band in Parts (literally) en colaboración avec El Ave María y Los Toreros Muertos, y por supuesto, in the role of El Espíritu Santo: JAVIER.

The ruling party candidate reveals that she too was conceived through Immaculate Conception, and that “El Espíritu Santo” is her dad.

But FO’ist! Live from an Island where i hang around, Eye wants to remind Republican Honcho, Richard Steele, that son of a bitch, that the next time that a peacock makes reference to a Banana Republic do not forget that these were all made possible by diligent Black Ops and of course, International Spy Masters like Avi Velshi and, average fisgones such as Malcolm Nance, of Black Spy fame… at the plate empty seats wonder where in the fuck is Voltaire? Word has not reached Vincennes that previously on this same blog: se volaron a Voltaire, and that motherfucker remains at-large.

It’s all Greek To Mí… CORRE Y SE VA!!!
To the Moon Day, Monday…
and YURI! If you are listening
ay T’va este CASCABEL para celebrar el mes más francés en Roma (colonia).

Sin Embargo, para no perder “el tino”, the Holy See, Eye told you, designates CONSTANTINO as the next at bat.


PAS D’Ticket… Eye is an Anti-christ, and Eye quotes: an anarchist! BRUSELAS ES MÁS “belga”, Siren.

Se Volaron a VOLTAIRE

ATTENTION  https ://www .theproutschool .org /arts /music BEE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR ASPIRING “High School French Horns” seeking admission into your music Academia. 

Intelligent REPORTS relay that them filthy frogs can go by the name of Gonorrhëa, or STD. Fuck with said γονόρροια ουσ θηλ at your own peril [imagine a Period here]


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