Deer, Golden Spectacled Retriever on The BriWi Train

Whoof, whoof, guau/guau, whoooof!

… [A]nd the phat cats at the Rainbow Niche went:

— Miau?

And The Intrepid Teeny Tiny Cat (accept no re-prints and/or forgeries) purrrrrrrr-Ed.: he said, That he Wants A Bucket of CHICKEN, first, period!

Deer, Brian Williams, you feral puss, the phrase that you deflated on the Third Quarter of your transmission was: they went off-the-Rails of a Crazy Train.

Now go get Sharon Osborne “cholo-gardening” team to the Maiden Voyagers… and if you can distinguish between The Alamos and Los Olmos, then you also know how to distinguish between a Dove and a Bat… so don’t get caught being the Last In Line, on account that Öüï knows From-The-FO’ist Time—From The 1st Time, BriWi, if youse Evo or The Vaina…. “Feeling lucky, Punk*?”


President Joe crosses The AXI[O]S and swings on le pen!!! Oh—The Humanityyyyyyy!!!!

… in our little hide-a-güey beneath La Seine .:. DFB1C934-FD37-4A23-9863-B6F9E4E9BBE1 🐙 🎶 Ahh-ah ahh-ah Ahh– Ahh A.

While that ink dries, we switch it over to the classified ads; page 46, REAL ESTATE with Katy Kay.

… [A]nd Willie Geist, before i switch IT!, over to a Mexican Radio and the Evil “Chivo” Anagram–ah Gah-ma Rah-ma –mah, —ANA! I’m going to show Mr. Kevin Williamson at The National Review how to properly, and by-the-numbers, show your motherfucking WO’ik On the Run, on the run Willie Geist, on the run 🐐.

Indeed, Mr. Williamson, in•deed. You didn’t think that Öüï was going to Put On a Pair… of jeans, just out of the Blue. Of course Knot—you foo’, i actually been to Nîmes and that’s why that one time when we never met, and you didn’t ask: hey, numb nuts! Where you coming from? Eye never winked at yo’Sorry ass, “De Nîmes–es, ese ». De Nîm es, get it?


Chewin’ Chocolate, Mascando Bubble-gum, Eating Cake and, SKIPPING like a giddy 46th Vice-President of The United States of América.

Did you know that it was the Very French who invented The Jean Genie? It’s TROU!!! And then like Evry thing in France it was turned into a motherfucking Dish. 🍔 5D0EDC4F-EDCD-4C54-B4EA-0DF0F0CDA1B2 👖

* Must squint eyes like Raquelito on the Rachel Maddow Show, because Evry body wants to play it Left Hand (Luke)… “Like some KAT from Japan”, FROM JAPAN! Willie Geist, from Japan.

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