Subliminal Messages with Nick Confessore

Note to editors:
Somebody, anybody. Please remind The New York Times that there are 8 year-olds watching the Purple Pundit’s 2-hour after home school special. Jesus Christ, Nick, it’s 3 o’Clock in NEW YORK.

El padrino

El Padrino .::. 35771037-1F46-49B3-B581-B880DB2733EE 📐 “Late Night” kicks off the Seth Meyers era by welcoming guests Amy Poehler, Vice President Joe Biden, and a performance by A Great Big World… and for the record, “ninos” and “ninas” are the terms of endearment that niños and niñas used in Old Mexico to refer to their padrinos o madrinas you ungrateful ahijado you.

Aussi, is that 12″ reference in “gentile” units or are öüï etching with The Torah clippings here; do confess, “Nick”, because Michael Che and Mr. Johannsen are making a “movie” and they are in need of a leading man, —holmes!

From the band that brought you, Alice

From the band that brought you, “Alice”, comes a movie about a man W.H.O. breaks all the rules on deadline .::. 6EE52D56-1053-4E2E-9BF4-755CAC8B00C9 📰 Weekdays at 4 pm Eastern, 1 o’Clock Pacific.


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