El Camino (movies) are for fags, period

… [Y] ya todo El Mundo de Le Monde sabe,

There's a special place for Lawyers

There’s a special place for Lawyers in it, just like here on Earth, so Eye gets Mr. Melber’s Hades denial.

1. Que Vicente Fox Quesada es un viejo lesbiano.

Topen eso.

Topen eso.:.9AA6CB69-9DAD-4BEF-AE8C-A4F28CDC4748… So, let’s Square this Banda, “El Chapo” goes to a Maximum Security Federal Prison in the U.S.; then Joaquin Guzmán sends note to Mexico’s Nº 1 baseball fan that HIS drug-fortune is to be distributed (now that Chayo Robles is in a Mexican unsecured Prison herself) among LA SEDESOL; then El Presidente tries to capture a “El Príncipe” de Culiacán‽ Something smells fishy here.

2. Que el Doctor (PhD) John Mill Ackerman es mas pusilánime que las panochas (o sea las variedades de PANuchos) de Felipe Calderón Hinojosa.

3. Wait FO’it, wait.

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