It’s 10 am in Hawaii — and in Sidney, Aussie, it’s already mañana

In Paris, France, it’s 22h and Louise Michel is at the plate, Louise hails from The Paris Commune and she has a 150 batting average. Madame Mayor, Anne Hidalgo is on the mound and it’s a God Damn Beautiful Day (globally) at the Pershing Memorial Baseball Complex in Vincennes.

Playball ⚾️ .:. 3B720710-12DD-4A1B-9C25-2FBD92FB40AF 📐

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Stade_Pershing

Jump to page 3 for context on the 150th Softball Commemorative Tournament of Communards between France’s Historical Characters mash-up and Today’s Elected Officials and Leaders of The Fifth Republic.

Witt that in M.I.N.D., please join Brigitte Bardot and The Sea Shepard in the singing of France (Gall’s) National Anthem: Aux Armes! Serge Gainsbourg is Third on The Batting Order and the official French National Anthem will not be played in this tournament on account that a Quartet of Rosbifs kidnapped La Marseillaise for a Satellite PPV* Transmission of All you need is…? anyone, Willie Geist, All you need is?

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