Act II : The Pledge of Allegiance and La France

Issy, señorita Amira AL-Sharif, como decía el viejo :

En este mismo lugar, huele a azufre, —encore!

🇻🇪 Comandante Hugo Jr. Rafael³

³~. Hijo de los Reyes⁸ 

And, Jennifer Palmieri, “Si no Ent-iendes lo que digo, con-siguete un Petit-Robert!¹ »


~. Y no, “CHACHALACA 🗣️ », not hijo de los 🇪🇸Borbones de mierda… en ABU DHABI


🥊 A Fistful of Chávez 🥋, malaya esa “Juventud 🇻🇪 Venezolana”, bebiendo 🍾 champán con “Los Amigos de México en Francia”, Y’en 🦁 SciencesPo 🦊, no less… 🥂 aunque, asté, excelentísimo marchantito 🇺🇳 no lo crea.

… ⊥ (do the Math)

https:// en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Orthogonality

Any, how. Zat’Ewe at “Au Vieux Comptoir », Phat Basterd’? Bon Appétit, monsieur! Provecho, Éric, I’d snap a shot at Ewe, but that would be unbecoming of Mí, hey! Tell you what Mr. Basterd’, the radio does add like a 100 pounds to your mug. CHEERS, 🍷.


History of Mel Brooks follows… for $100 quids

Category: People Who Know Body Odor.

Page 33 ∴ or Something like that

This section is about Torture and, Human Rights in Paris and it should not be confused with a Pizza joint in Washington, D.C..

Of course, o como dicen los franceses, por supuesto, Señor gobernador… [R]ubén FIGUEROA FIGUEROA.

Musical Guest:
The Pretenders
Track List: Hate for sale

Context follows; 50 € per MERCEnary.

🔊🎵🎶💲 Page 379, HYMNE NATIONAL (HYPO; end of section §3.) Canto que simboliza a un país en ceremonias oficiales FOR THE BENEFIT OF MR. KITE, most national anthems were written in the XIX Century and usually after a revolution period, BUT NOT ALWAYS, some himnos nacionales ARE THE PRODUCT OF A SPONSORED COMPETITION (PEROU 1821, HONGRIE 1842, o España 1870) Dictionnaire du musicien, by Honeeger, M., Larousse/VEUF. Premier impression Italy, 2002.

It’s One O’Clock in CET.

And in Paris, Spring made an early STAND, coincidentally, the day coincides with the Century (XXIst) and like i just told you, ONE day earlier than the 21st of next month, which of course TRANSLATES to? Anyone? Happy Gilmore? Anyone?… a fuck it: MARS!!! You circus animals.

But seriously, Madame Anne Hidalgo³, and i really-really, really-really mean vraiment seriously, however, because this blog has been since day one, a draft for a 10-year account of my permanence in France, i believe that it would sound a lot funnier if you read the following statement in a Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (Kindergarden Cop) voice, so with that in mind, i can’t trust the Paris Police and so i am sounding another alarm —with all due respect—directly to you via this post, and on Monday the 22nd through an official mailed-in registered letter:

I turned 50 years of age as a homeless man in the city that you run. As of last night i started sheltering at the annex of the 4th District; rue du Pont Louis Philippe.

And Madam Mayor, this is not about internet access, far from it.

Statement follows

Yada, yada, yada, the rest of the content is for whomever  might have the privilege of screening the mail that arrives to your official mailbox at the Hôtel de Ville… HOWEVER, if you should read this before that happens, Madam Mayor, you may ask the director of the establishment at 32 rue des Bourdonnais what this paragraph is in reference to.

Or, you can call the programmers at fip .fr, as they seem to be aware of what is going on with my situation, i reference this on account that they seem to be playing all of the Hits that could quite possibly qualify as the runners-up of the musical score/soundtrack competition of what i have been going through in the past two weeks.

In other news…

By the standards of the past three months, Jonah, or Jonas (en Castellano) must have been the only one in the picture that was not a fag, Eye says again, Jonah —or Jason— if the previous statement is Greek to you:

It’s Greek to me from europe

Jonah must have been the only one in the picture
that was not a fag, period¹

https ://www .20minutes .fr /politique /2981243-20210219 -presidentielle -2022 –anne-hidalgo-tres-peur-issue-duel-entre-emmanuel-macron-marine-pen

Any HOW, in  Paris, Nancy, France, it’s Nine O’Clock on the a.m. dial of February 21; but in Hilo, Hawaii, it is still the 20th day of the Second month of 2021, so i reckon that this can only mean one thing, Madam Mayor, that in one short month, (28 days) Springtime will make it’s scheduled rotation, and based on your fears, which were expressed upon in a recent interview, let us hope that Hitler, is only a Mel Brooks dream.

The belly of the beast… step on down.


1. This period is of course, is being sponsored by Vania®️