Got Tacos? – Blame it on the British £ibra €sterlina

And, Natty Piolé ⛏️

No insistas, Suzi! My Δ🖤 belongs to the girl en el tendedero.

In local news, my current girlfriend, Nathalie Piolé, is being a Pasionaria in Ivry, not sure if she’s in IVRE., over at the Siren Den (those fucking Capitalists 🧐) it’s business as usual with Charlotte ans some faggety bourgeoise on the microphone. The Nerve of those Sirens. EYE tell’ya.

This year’s edition of Barbara’s 🇲🇽 Fest coincides with this date, 13 janvier 2022, Métro Line 4. 2022 The Year of las Barbaridades.

For context let Mí show Ewe all how the Shawarma ain’t nuttin’ but an order of Tacos Al Pastor of the🎖️ OBE 🇬🇧 in Irak… Issy, the 👻 OBE after eating an order of authentic Arab tacos, not them faggety French tacos from Grenoble, is out of sight, some describe the Tacos Al Pastor experience as un vaso medio vacío de Cerveza de barril… 🇲🇨 nada que ver con Chicken & Rice… Issy, all I need is a pint a day!

OBE – Out of Brexit Experience

After the break: la Mano de León Is nuttin’ more than a Celosia argentea, but Évry body in France calls it a cockscomb because it looks like a male chicken crest… “amarillo no me pongo”:

Con cebolla

OBE – Out of Body Experience

https ://en .m .wikipedia .org /wiki /Celosia_argentea# /media /File%3ACelosia.JPG


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