Senator Sanders, this is an inter•mission

Dear, Mr. Sanders, please stand-by while Chuck, zaca la Rocha… [W]hile that happens, please be aware that in local Known News, Gael García Bernal brings me, Armando Segovia /Armando Serrano Prieto, back to square one, or 360° with the already established context of this picture (*) below ⬇️

Señor Gael García Bernal, meet International Super Spymaster Avi Velshi, because, señor García, The Velshi has a point, and I am going to break IT!, down to the neo-Zapatistas living la Vida en Rosa ➿ 5B03F977-5B5C-4CE8-8055-B391AF72152A 🔊 VOTE VELSHI before TUESDAY’s Gone in HILO HAWAII!!!

with your recent effort to sand-down (no pun intended) Capitalism for the consumers that created yet another generation of multi-billionaires. Spoiler Alert, you are fighting MONGO from Blazing Saddles (sponsored by Vania®️) the wrong way.

* De las Lunas, Diego, the ones from the month of October are these:

2010 -2015, 2015-2016, 2016-2020, 2020–202?

478F4E62-F865-401A-94C6-5EB020A080F0… Ahora cuéntame una de Flamenco’s Alley à Buzneval (M-9)

So chew on that, mi querido Padre Amargo, while i do the Rounds with The Failed DUNE files.

And George Harrison tells Brontis Jodorowski:

—He’s given Mí, Wa-Wah.

Brontis responds:

— But of course, he HASS, silly Wabbit, HE’s the Water Bearer that follows a G.O.A.T. on L.S.D., D.A.T.’s what HE Do!

—_φ 不 φ_— Breaking El Tres de Enero —_φ ㄓφ_—

With that in mind, Senator Sanders, across La Mancha, the Rosbifs are mixin’–and–matching CORONAshots with their Beefeathers… Ahhhhh!!! The nerve on them dogs, Lindsey Reiser, and you are Knot there to report on IT!, Lindsey.

https ://www .irishtimes .com /news /world /uk /uk-allows-for-mix-and-match-covid-19-vaccines-in-rare-circumstances-1.4449014? mode=amp

And Lindsey, Eye does Knot want to hear a “well, no one told Mí, about her” because off-course you know what this means, eh?

Off-course you do, Senator Sanders, this is how Canucks got mutated into the mix. Eye warns that if the Queen’s health ministry continues to be so doGDamn cavalier the world is going to see another batch of Australians, and you can Forget about new Kiwis for Easter with this new RAVE mix.

“How can you have any [Kiwis] if you’re going to Mix’em‽”


El Comandante Pink,
O.N.C.A. Special Services

Witt moore on D.A.T., Senator Sanders, Melissa Villaseñor’s evil cousin “the SotoMajor” from the SotoMajors of the Marianne Clan reports from the thorny side of the Senate.

Over on the Tennessee scene, the long-lost illegitimate grand-son of Nakatomi Tower failed base jumper Hans Gruber just had a “Sheer Heart Attack” after the Coffin showed a Clip of how the Brave Melissa extracted Dolly Parton from the FOX PLAZA Nashville (Hours) before The Big Christmas Boom Blast.


Sanding-down Capitalism with Sanders: https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2021 /01 /02 /politica /imposible-domesticar-el-capitalismo-hay-que-darle-fin-ezln/

Cueros de rana $ 931 Billion stronger: https ://eu .usatoday .com /story /money /2020 /12 /01 /american-billionaires-that-got-richer-during-covid /43205617/

Cher, Panchito Hollande… “merci pour ce moment”.

Dear, François Hollande, you Sirexcuse moi: Vous, Monsieur, es en parte culpable de haberle dado las alas a su contraparte Enrique Peña Nieto para que él, y su puto gobierno mexiquense le heredaran al pueblo mexicano la deuda mas grande en toda la PINCHURRIENTA* historia del pais en dónde nunca pasaba nada.

… * así con ese pinche adjetivo, Gael García Bernal.

Issy, « Mozart en Churubusco », en tanto los tecnócratas  sigan sometiendo al pueblo mexicano a lamerle el culo a Los Estados Unidos de america (sin acento), o mismo los intelectuales agachen la cabeza  con el aparato de gobierno de Francia, pues entonces LA HISTORIA DE MÉXICO seguira siendo una Pinchurrienta trama telenovelera al estilo del puto Chavo del Ocho, o los méndigos Olvidados de Luis Buñuel.

Ayer, o mismo antier, áste señor Gael, se ofendió por el nombramiento del TORTURADOR en PROXI del agente de la D.E.A. Enrique Camarena, Manuel Bartlett como director de la Comisión Federal de Electricidad… Señor García Bernal, nigga please, —DON’T BE A HYPOCRITE. You knew from the start, that Bartlett was part OF THE AMLO PACKAGE… EWE, sir, gave MANUEL BARTLETT “the benefit of the doubt” when you voted for the candidate who welcomed the former Top Law enforcement (mexican thug) of the Rafael Caro Quintero era.

Testigo Privilegiado de la tortura del “tal” Kiki Camarena, por Rafael Caro Quintero… NARCOS En MÉXICO; nueva temporada, starring el otro güey, de “Tu Mamá También”.

En otras palabras, Gael, NO—MAMES, but if you choose to, then MAKE SURE THAT EWE SWALLOW!

Dear, Gael… we [the staff] love your theatrical work, we really do, pero ahora tendrás que tragar SAPOS, we [the staff] know for a fact que te encantan las ANCAS de Rana, so one or two TOAD…ies should not be a stretch for Ewe, sir.


TimeStamp: May 25th and June 29 of 1974.

Those were the days, Henry — those were THE DAYS. The days when NIXON Threathen L’Europa.

it took TWO YEARS to bring NIXON Down.

According to talking heads on the Morjo Show: today is a moment in history that rhymes with what is going on — and that it’s taking place today… “a daily duplicity” that now is on an HOURLY BASIS, so says Mike BarnicleThe TimeLine, echos the wife* of the boss** of a former police beat reporter (Alfred Friendly 1911-1983) at El WaPo who happened to have had his Squelch On, and because of it he was able to pick up the “scoop” of the break-in at The Watergate Hotel.

En vivo… ¡y a todo color! 44 años después de los efectos colaterales del atraco fallido en el Hotel Watergate.

And now Ladies in Gemeni, it’s time for another Lighning Round of JEOPARDY, with your host Alejandro Trebek.

Gael García Bernal en el rol de Alejandro Trebeck:

Welcome, to another edition of JEOPARDY; I am your host, Alejandro Trebek. Let’s Meet our contestants:

She’s a former librarian and the 43rd former First Lady of The United States of America, please welcome First Lady Laura Bush.

Next to her we have a Southern Baptist who lies —on a daily basis— for a living, and she’s actually proud of this fact.  Please give a hand to White House Press Handler Sarah Elizabeth Huckabee Sanders.

Complementing this lightning Jeopardy “match” is what seems to be developing into a permanent fixture on our show, please say hello to Armando Álvarez playing the role of Will Farrell.

Family portrait et un Héros du feuilleton.

… TimeStamp: por debajo de las faldas de fip… it’s 20H00 in Siren Central Time

Alejandro Trebeck en el rol de Óscar Peluchonneau:

— Great, after a word from our sponsors here are your categories:

  • Internment camps
  • Work Program Camps
  • Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Hungry…
  • Give me your displaced contra-revolutionaries and I will give you
    and finally:
  • Se Baila Así—Se Goza Más


…Buenos Días Cabrones!!!

 “Mika has the morning off”.

Willie Geist approves her absence.

12 de mayo / 73-Mars, 2016
por: armando segovia
para: Nestora.

The U.S. presidential race should not be about personalities—it's about issues. | … Context follows. I personally need to run to the market and get'me some aguacates for my huevos con chorizo.

¡No, ‘pos sí está Cabrona la subida! Pero luego, desde un principio los arreos en  la  ascensión   siempre  han  sido  en  Primera  Reforzada| Oh, and by the güey, Joe:  The  U.S.  presidential race should not be about personalities—it’s about issues. || Context follows, right now [13h CET—time now] i personally need to run to the market and get’me some aguacate Hass, for my huevos con chorizo breakfast.

 Coming up after the break: The state of the race… and a message to Morning-Maddow, but first: a word/message for América —el continente.

[TimeStamp: 15h CET time now…].

With respects to Donald Trump: "Permanecemos mas não resolvemos nada Deixando muita coisa para trás…" Vía: Diversão e Arte [Orquesta Imperial].

With respects to Donald Trump: “Permanecemos mas não resolvemos nada
Deixando muita coisa para trás…” Vía: Diversão e Arte [Orquesta Imperial]. | https ://www .youtube .com /watch?v=D _Kw6jLccJo

 Concurrent with the hoopla* outside the Republican HeadHunter Quarters in the United States of America [sin acento] the presidential palace in Brazil has now become the bunker for Dilma. Situation Report: the [peaceful] coup is complete… the people have been disenfranchised.

Dear Rachel… do-you-have-a-personal-view-on-President_Elect: Dilma Rousseff? … thanks for sharing. | LiveEvent via Aljazeera . com : http ://www .aljazeera .com /watch _now/hd-beta .html

Dear  Rachel… do- you- have- a-personal-view-on-President_Elect: Dilma Rousseff? … thanks for sharing. | LiveEvent via Aljazeera . com : http ://www .aljazeera .com /watch _now/hd-beta .html

Para poder ser un testigo de cuerpo presente —nada que ver con misas o ritos de despedida— hay que ir a gastar la suela un rato a la Plaza de La Revolución Permanente.

En el cuadro [top right] Francisco Dominguez de la Universidad de Middlesex, según Aljazeera, el señor trabaja en el departamento de asuntos latinoamericanos en esa casa de estudios. Abajo de él: una grupo de jóvenes desencantados con el pastel que su sistema de gobierno les quiere dar de comer.

En el cuadro [top right] Francisco Domínguez de la Universidad de Middlesex, según Aljazeera, el señor trabaja en el departamento de asuntos latinoamericanos en esa casa de estudios. Abajo de él: una grupo de jóvenes desencantados con el pastel que su sistema de gobierno les quiere dar de comer. | Uso justo de los medios. Contenido vía: http ://www .aljazeera .com /watch _now/hd-beta .html

* Hoopla on CNN: Trump, Ryan tout unity in wake of meeting … meanwhile, at Rockefeller Center http :// www .nbcnews .com /politics /2016-election /capitol-conclave-trump-ryan-meet-hopes-repairing-fractured-gop-n572451

** Domínguez, F. Mercosur: Between Integration and Democracy. Vía: the interwebs [book] storehttps ://books .google .fr/

Debunktion Junction with Morning Maddow: Trump Coverage. Vía: http ://www .msnbc .com /rachel-maddow /watch /anti-trump-gop-considers-trick-shot-strategy -684095043675

[TimeStamp: 17h 18h CET time-now]… back in a few [¡Buenas Tardes Cabrones!!!]