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20 de agosto, 2018

Once again, we [the staff] insist that No Cucarachas [we repeat] No Cucarachas Were Harmed in the making of this most inconsequential blog, however, The Truth—and nothing but—The Truth was eviscerated by the legal counsel of the president of The United States of America.

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In Central Europe
it’s One Forty-five…
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Parlez vous pop? Mee likee da’ Tutti–Frutti del Italo–americano au cœur de l’Amérique.

When we [the staff] return we’ll digress back to why going back to Reagan’s “morning in America*” should not be a Focus on the development of the current American Spectacle… and no Bill Maher, we [the staff] would not trade a reddit front–page for any version of The Bible on your show.

TimeNow for the DayTime part of the 4:20 hour on the Central Europe Time.


TimeStamp: May 25th and June 29 of 1974.

Those were the days, Henry — those were THE DAYS. The days when NIXON Threathen L’Europa.

it took TWO YEARS to bring NIXON Down.

According to talking heads on the Morjo Show: today is a moment in history that rhymes with what is going on — and that it’s taking place today… “a daily duplicity” that now is on an HOURLY BASIS, so says Mike BarnicleThe TimeLine, echos the wife* of the boss** of a former police beat reporter (Alfred Friendly 1911-1983) at El WaPo who happened to have had his Squelch On, and because of it he was able to pick up the “scoop” of the break-in at The Watergate Hotel.

En vivo… ¡y a todo color! 44 años después de los efectos colaterales del atraco fallido en el Hotel Watergate.

And now Ladies in Gemeni, it’s time for another Lighning Round of JEOPARDY, with your host Alejandro Trebek.

Gael García Bernal en el rol de Alejandro Trebeck:

Welcome, to another edition of JEOPARDY; I am your host, Alejandro Trebek. Let’s Meet our contestants:

She’s a former librarian and the 43rd former First Lady of The United States of America, please welcome First Lady Laura Bush.

Next to her we have a Southern Baptist who lies —on a daily basis— for a living, and she’s actually proud of this fact.  Please give a hand to White House Press Handler Sarah Elizabeth Huckabee Sanders.

Complementing this lightning Jeopardy “match” is what seems to be developing into a permanent fixture on our show, please say hello to Armando Álvarez playing the role of Will Farrell.

Family portrait et un Héros du feuilleton.

… TimeStamp: por debajo de las faldas de fip… it’s 20H00 in Siren Central Time

Alejandro Trebeck en el rol de Óscar Peluchonneau:

— Great, after a word from our sponsors here are your categories:

  • Internment camps
  • Work Program Camps
  • Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Hungry…
  • Give me your displaced contra-revolutionaries and I will give you
    and finally:
  • Se Baila Así—Se Goza Más


In Search of Diderot – Dead Kennedys; part ii

28 de octubre, (Día de San Judas Tádeo) de 1968—LITEMPO

… but when the President does it, that means that it is not illegal.
By definition?
Exactly!                                                                                                                                … Dear Sarah, we [the staff] really, really, really! Love The United States of America; we really do. We [the staff] also really, really, really! Enjoy Rob Reiner’s work; like that one time when he directed Col. Chris Matthews in Philadelphia (2016) into calling someone’s “bullshit” over the air. Truth be told Sarah, we [the staff] can’t wait to see the Lyndon B. Johnson’s new film about the historical portayal of President Woody Harrelson. We [the staff] wonder if Good-Ol’ “Bunghole Baines” is going to reference in that film any of the LITEMPO files.

Context follows TimeStamp: 1600 hours in CET

Traición a la Patria
Con Singular Alegría

Harold does not approve!… the image capture is courtesy of The Michigan School of Public Policy; via Cousin Joe’s public forum—over the msnbc’s.

From “the wires

1. Petrich B. Arreola G., “La Enviada y El Corresponsal”; ARCHIVO de La Jornada del año 2004 SOBRE << LITEMPO del 1 al 14 >>. http ://www .jornada .unam .mx/2004/07/18/003n1pol.php?printver=1&fly=

Ciudadana Carmen Aristegui,
CÑÑ… y otros medios.


La presente es una “palomita” Blanca “insertada” con el único fin de citar correctamente cuál LITEMPO era cuál.

Sin ir tan lejos, esto “es cosa del otro jueves” cuando su invitado del Eje Central, Raymundo Riva Palacio, dijo que “entre iguales” (véase referencia a arrobajuarez . com) las claves de los LITEMPOS nº 2 y nº 3 correspondían a el Presidente Gustavo Díaz Ordaz y al entonces Secretario de Gobernación —y después por concepto del “Dedazo“, el Presidente— Luis Echeverría Álvarez.

Cortesía de CÑÑ... Uso justo de todos los medios.

Blanche Petrich y Gerardo Arreola, (en un archivo de La Jornada del 2014) identifican a esos hijos de la chingada…. ¡a caray!. Va de nuez:

Blanche Petrich y Gerardo Arreola, (en un archivo de La Jornada del 2014) identifican a esos PRESIDENTES, hijos de la GRAN chingada, como los LITEMPOs nº 8 y nº 14.

En fin, doña Carmen (qué bonito nombre tiene usted, por cierto) ¿cuál LITEMPO es cuál?

El “bilan” de los verdaderos delitos de los presidentes: traición a la patria

Aprovecho, señora Aristegui, para meter mi cuchara por esos sus youtube’s y “exprimir” con una meneada dos cosas que nos llamaron la atención de entre esos 2800 registros, (según informa el amigo de Elena Garro) que fueron  destapados por virtud del “Open Records Act”; nº 1: de que ahora sí, el señor Donald Trump podra confirmar si el padre del Senador Ted Cruz (R-TX) mató o no, al POTUS #35.

And “THING TWO” on this list of open secrets as it perteins to “Lo Chido” de México (since at least 2004) is that Raymundo Riva Palacio’s reporting of the KENNEDY files (again as it pertains to MEXICO) is that the STATE of TAMAULIPAS seems to have been “LA PUERTA ABIERTA” para que la Agencia Central de Investigación (CIA) pudiera hacer todas sus operaciones clandestinas, like say, the assassination attempts on Fidel Castro; and the legal defense alibi of “BAMBI“… remember “BAMBI”? his alias is Luis Posada Carriles, and it was through LA PORTE DE TAMAULIPAS that that particular son of a bitch, claimed to Border Patrol agents that he was an “undocumented immigrant”, when he got caught (2005) trying to plan, yet again, another attack on Fidel Castro.

… Context follows.

In conclusion, i’d like to shoot two Dead Kennedys and, the BREAKING NEWS OF THE DAY, with one Petrich:

is it not, Cousin Joe, very “American Curious” how the U.S. secret or covert agenda of some of its most celebrated Attorney Generals revolved on a willingness to pact with the MAFIA (1960’s) in order to kill or attempt to assassinate its ideological enemies (Allende and Castro) or more recently (hold that thought) with the “Gun Walking Program” of the U.S. Justice Department?

Not to be a downer ON THE MEDIA FRENZY and those indignation segment blocks ON YOUR MORNING SHOW, Cousin Joe, and remember, you must always remember that i type this observation— on a rather outdated iPhone— with nothing but love for the United States of America in our hearts— but when it comes to interfering with the sovereignty of other nations, i think that something fitting for the tale-of-the-tape would be to borrow from the arsenal already in stock; eh… wadda-ya say we paraphrase a sketch, Doc, with a quote from the 37th President of The United States:

From the “Deep Throat” files, to the “Dead Kennedys” docket, if El WaPo. Doesn’t write it first, is not news.

Elmer Fudd: When The [U.S.] does it, then it is not high treason.

Bugs Bunny: Is that a fact, Doc?

Elmer Fudd: (uses his signature stutter laugh and says) Indweed, Mr. Wabbit! That’s why we [the CIA] call TAMAUWLIUPAWS (Elmer does his signature stutter laugh again, and says in a Richard Nixon voice) “el portón” de “nuestro backyard”

2. Aristegui, C., vía: CÑÑ por youtube: https ://m .youtube .com/watch?v=jZ9t92jGdPk


Pinche TAMAULIPAS, a lo mejor por eso tus límites en el mapa con forma de un “cuerno de la abundancía” (with its own “souped up” BUMP–STOCK device in the Baja Peninsula) tiene la forma de un elefantito (blanco) sentado, y con su trompita, acariciando el territorio también conocido como el de la “última letra”.


La Habana 17 de julio, 2004
Mr. Philip Agee (C.I.A.)

“We will not begin to feel the weight, once again, if in this 2-week CIRCUS all of the blood bath was worth it and if MEXICO lost more prestige by assasinating protestors, than what it won by (organizing) the games.” Source follows.


A orillas del Río Bravo…” al regresar, música mix. Música Mix mezcla tus canciones favoritas de “Siempre en Domingo”.

3. LA GOTERA de Arroba Juarez punto com, vía: http ://www .arrobajuarez .com /notas .php?IDNOTA =49417 &IDSECCION=Portada&IDREPORTERO=De%20la%20Redacci%F3n:

Aquí estuvo el Capitán Garfio… y otras fantasías del recuento de historias que usted ve a traves de los medios de información”, it’s kind of typical that on the same week when the “JFK assassination files,” get a somewhat VoBo (Visto Bueno of approval) from The White House, Armando Cábada, the Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, mayor, gives a speech on a ladmark anniversary of “some patch” of land returned from The United States of America to it’s southern neighbor Los Estados Unidos Mexicanos… rather silly to think that the “diplomatc gesture” of good will was behind on the Chamizal give-back, ESPECIALLY knowing what agent Agee told us, about the LITEMPO CODE NAMES, starting of course, with JFK’s contemporary, the Mexican President, Adolfo López Mateos, we now, Cousin Joe, that for that “give back” to take effect, Mexico gave Tamaulipas to the CIA.

Toda La Vida (Emmanuel)

Toda la vida… Descubriendo puertas a escondidas y tú al final —la más querida_ay–ay-ay— Toda La Vida.

…Always; https ://m .youtube .com/watch?v=4b50OhcnuSc Cousin Joe, please be advised that this is not “Franco’s” version of “Toda La Vida” or “Always” en Inglés, Cousin Joe, this is “STRINGS ATTACHED” mime version of that tune, by Emmanuel.