Dear, Ali Vittali… Skip the Circus Beastie

Meet Mí at The Attic, Sweet Emotion, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera…

Let Ari Melber eat FreeJoles… o como dicen los franceces-es-eSoS:


We begin the 3 pm hour in a New York Minute, where a couple of “bestias” were rounded up in Philadelphia, the American media refuses to call them “chicos” what they are, here in Paris, where the Nine o’Clock hour just struck the middle, man, they call’em: domestic terrorists.

Over at the Spy vS Spy stream…

It appears that Black Spy was not briefed on the mole report, and as Öüï types, international spy and Canadian enthusiast, Avi Velshi, is fondling the plasma on Kornacki’s big screen.

This can only mean one thing, Avi managed to slip another warm glass of milk (not clear if cookies were included or, if Avi changed the warm comfy sheets on Steve’s catre).

Evidence found at Rockefeller Center cafeteria trashcan suggests that Avi slipped “powdered milk” onto Steve’s snack pack, investigators at that dump suggests that Avi had help in this operation and that it came from the INSIDE of the Velshi household… HOLY FUCK! Perry Mason, Avi Velshi is moonlighting as an “American”.

Let Them Eat FOX… go ahead, Hannity, say it, say President Biden/ VP Harris

Now isn’t IT!, Iconic.

… [O]r are you going to go with, “On Top O’Spaghetti”?

… witt that in mind, Cousin Joe, please stop encouraging your golf buddies (on the Republican side) who supported Trump and dreaded having to go against him to get back to “their” political life, FUCK ‘Em! Fuck ‘Em like Mitch McConnell fucked the memory of Justice Bader Ginsburg, if —motherfuckers— you start pussyfooting before the election is called, you motherfuckers are going to give up 2024.

Mika… they Fucked RBG!!! What relationship are you talking about with the Republican Party? Are you talking the lukewarm Romney approach, the Susan Collins cautionary tale, or are you talking about Lindsey?

Someone please warm Mike Barnicle’s vacuum tube, he’s frozen. And can someone please tell the current president that the fucking Sharpie®️ fad was started by him, so why is he mad because these were used in Arizona? It makes as much sense as the “strong man” mantra that tries to stop the fight because he is getting out-punched.

We now know “lo que el viento se llevó”
for the record, at 14h in CET
this is the view from Tamaulipas

Attention, all Foo Fighters

Attention all Foo Fighters currently engaged with The Electric Light Orchestra over Marfa, Texas 👩‍🍳 273EC2A0-BD1F-4CC5-8C76-EF75EFE78933 👨‍🍳 Nevermind the Chef Boyardee toque* azulado, that’s Minnesota which was blown-away from the Republican states that in 2016 abandoned  Clinton… or was it the other güey around? Any how, wanna know what rhymes with irony?

* Listen up, Dave Chappelle, now Öüï knows that you have probably heard about “chapeau”, but Dave, D.A.T. D.A.R.E. interjection is Knot one of those. This here, is what the Arabs call un simple « toque », but youse gonna have to wait for the interpretation of that fact, because  Bocouse just noticed that in Washington…

Morning Joe ate Stephanie Rhule… ahhhhh, the HUMannity!!!

… mini intermedio:

Oh, hey Hallie Jackson, Eye does not know what Mika is depriving Cousin Joe [off of] at the HomeBase, but c’mon, man! This is the third act where the MorJo Show goes beyond The Outer Limits, Öüï can’t begin to express his sympathy for that Devil (La Pundita, not Joe) our ballads and solos go out to Stephanie Rhule, who was eaten alive by that Dumb Blind Alabama Country Lawyer, on the most consequential day of 2020.

But wait, what’s that flying out of Studio 3A at at the Comcast Rockefeller at exactly the 16 hundred hour, HOLY SHIT!!! It’s Stephanie Rhule, and she is in fucking uniform, the iconic combat gi… yeah Buddy. Eye Betts D.A.T. Cousin Joe was not expecting that Kung Fu fight, eh.

Peh Double R Eh Oh in The U.S.A.

Man, Eye does not know what is going on with the Hearthland, but D.A.T. D.A.R.E. motion between Mississippi and Arkansas, and Kentucky and Tennessee sure are lighting up Indiana.

18 hours later, The Senate will remain being the Senate, with a jacked-up Supreme Court, and a current president who like all of his money shots (photo-opportunities) as if the American Election was a DON KING boxing event in South East Asia or that place called Africa.

Over at Mars Mom's house

Over at Mars Mom’s house 🤶🏻 6459968B-6258-425E-80FF-DB482518FBAB 🎅🏻 with D.A.T. in mind Öüï is happy to inform the WAY TOO EARLY crowd that Kasie Hunt won the BETTS against Baby Mars-es-es other Parental unit, but there was a price to pay, and Mr. Dad played the role of Daddy Yankee.

Is the count BANAL? Let’s ask Chance, knot the rapper, but the actual “occurrence of events in the absence of any obvious intention or cause¹”.

With that in mind, let u.s. flip the PAGES, —yes, brothers in Siestas— pages in motherfucking plural, of two editions of Robert’s little dic.

But FO’ist, since Öüï is allowing the “paid professionals” to record history in the making, and Eye took the day off, here is the backstory on Chance, ISSY, Serendipity’s little fucking minions are all up in this bitch, Ari Melber.

One thing before Öüï flips the page to n°87 of 1972 in the spread above, is that We The Staff of This (here) Most non-Consequential blog did instruct Paola Ramos to “Sink” Florida, but that goddamned Vice with the Bacardi crowd is one difficult habit to break. Today, Florida redefined what the “it’s morning in America” propagation means to that Hispanic monolith in the Gulf of Mexico.

… jump to page 87, BAN.

It’s Morning in America — 3 de noviembre, 2020

Lorem IpΣ

We begin in Washington

We begin in Washington 🇺🇸 9163EB37-9E17-4304-8BF3-BFDF5FB4D9B1 .:. on Both Sides of The Canal de Panama.

Over at the MorJo Show, Willie Geist just auditioned for the role of “Room Rater” at the Claire McCasket Bed & Breakfast, and over at Studio 3-A of the Rockefeller Center, Cousin Joe and Jon Meacham just dissected George Michael’s classic YMCA Hit, “Outside”… and Eye swears that Öüï can’t make this stuff up, it’s right there on the peacock streams.

After the Break, we find out what Les Pierres Soul Ages sound like when they take their Rock and Roll Circus on the road for the first time, and because they sound like a bad rendition of Jeff Lynne re-imagining Lennon, 🎶🎶🎶 She said:

Wama lama lama lama
Rama lama ding dong
Rock and Roll is King

Georgia Font

Georgia Font in association Witt Helvetica Ballots presents: .:. 2E04568C-B8B6-4F71-97A9-47BAC7537D3E 🌎

This is The They of the dead… as Öüï know it

Eye voted for Dr. Fauci… and Eye feels fine.

[B]ut nevermind the They, just remember the 44° Due EAST, at 48°5136” N and 2°2111” E, to be precise because later in the programing Öüï will re-count a Chat he had with Picasso, en dónde el “cubista” le dijo a Mí:

Hoy no hubo Jazz

Hoy no hubo Jazz 🥁6D7B46B9-EF98-41C1-AA1E-37C3A86760EE 🗳 Issy, East on D.A.T. D.A.R.E. longitude, but on the opposite corner, facing Brancusi, someone whispered that Blue, is Knot in another dimension [and off–course Öüï is paragliding with that phrase] “Bleu is its own Dimension,” or something like D.A.T.. Yeah, Buddy!

“Yo no busco—encuentro”.

The only thing D.A.T. is missing is the doG… wait for, IT!, wait…

Lorem I.P. Σ Dolor es LoLa — phasellus purus odio, mollis ut ipsum sit amet, commodo facilisis quam. Maecenas nec scelerisque augue. Praesent ac gravida risas. Mauris viverra est mi, at dignissim odio bibendum eu. Suspendisse porttitor dui non blandit laoreet. Duis venenatis venenatis quam at finibus. Nulla id dignissim neque, quis sollicitudin massa. Aenean maleducada in dolor ac aliquam.

There is no one who loves pain itself, who seeks after it and wants to have it, simply because it is pain…” 🕸 B01BB593-358A-4DF7-962A-7E926BECBB04 🦚 La señal de La Rhule supersedes “La Señal de La Cruz” … A–men!

The Exception to the Rhule


My fellow Americans

My fellow Americans, D.A.T. D.A.R.E “pause” icon on Olivia Troye is really the Roman Numeral Tú en “gorditas” .:. 1358ECE0-7752-4A1A-B438-1A648D4CA730 🗣

But FO’ist, “IT’s Election Eve”.

Synopsis: Peacock central Betts on Donnie Deutsch-es-es “streaming” coverage of the Finale episode of Election Knight. Starring certified “slave-free” correspondents, reporters and —off-course— sexy-ass pundits in one place called, Madame Hunt’s Detention Channel.


Deer, Marianne...

Deer, Marianne, don’t go losing your head over the missing star on that Cock, Öüï borrowed, IT!, to remind the great State of Georgia, that indeed we all miss Sweet Melissa .:. 0D2D2815-72AB-4094-90E2-04FC766E647F .:. Go hug a fucking Cow, or other assorted farm animals, but please stay away from The Circus beasts.*.. bunch of Monkees in that fucking crowd y’all.

* https ://www .fip .fr /rock /les-rolling-stones-exhument-leur-premier-live-de-sympathy-devil– 18498

It’s–ah—gonna bee a long week, and just in Case [i] forgets, Öüï would like to remind Lorde Lorne D.A.T., yes, indeed, with an Apple on top: Eye ❤️ N.Y..

Edición vespertina: chingue a su madre quien no vote, punto

Las cartas fenemenológicas

Step One: Open the door…

It’s no biggie, period… unless you happen to bee an “APP BASED DRIVER” in California, because:

Please refer to what El País in Spain told Jeff Bezos… in other words, Billionaires that are profiting from the ever growing pandemic don’t feel the need to recognize the “knock on the doors” that makes those Start-Up’s credit card charges chirp like R2-D2. This is the bubble for MEASURE 22, which STATES and Eye quotes, “EXEMPTS APP BASED TRANSPORTATION AND DELIVERY COMPANIES FROM PROVIDING EMPLOYEE BENEFITS TO CERTAIN DRIVERS”.

He allí la falsedad

He allí la falsedad .:. FE6FCF9B-1B8B-4F10-BBEC-32D75A86B1FB 🎙 If it is a “government by the people and for the people”, or something like that, WHY? Why, is this even a question! It’s a given, employees that make you rich deserve employee benefits.

… [S]o, an interesting play developed on the International Post, the arrival of my Riverside ballot coincided with tonight’s midnight extravaganza at the French Post (Louvre). Indeed, tomorrow night at this same timestamp the streets of Paris will be gloriously empty, again, and so for an EXCEPTIONAL night, Öüï will probably get to mail our vote at The Midnight Hour, give or take the 15 minutes to clear the premises.

Y por si sobrara menos, if you are an “App-Based” delivery driver chances are that you might be a Senior in high school, MEASURE 18 amends the State Constitution to allow your ass to vote provided that you turn 18 before the next election… too bad you have no say so in that decision, eh‽ Eye got your back, kid.