Let Them Eat FOX… go ahead, Hannity, say it, say President Biden/ VP Harris

Now isn’t IT!, Iconic.

… [O]r are you going to go with, “On Top O’Spaghetti”?

… witt that in mind, Cousin Joe, please stop encouraging your golf buddies (on the Republican side) who supported Trump and dreaded having to go against him to get back to “their” political life, FUCK ‘Em! Fuck ‘Em like Mitch McConnell fucked the memory of Justice Bader Ginsburg, if —motherfuckers— you start pussyfooting before the election is called, you motherfuckers are going to give up 2024.

Mika… they Fucked RBG!!! What relationship are you talking about with the Republican Party? Are you talking the lukewarm Romney approach, the Susan Collins cautionary tale, or are you talking about Lindsey?

Someone please warm Mike Barnicle’s vacuum tube, he’s frozen. And can someone please tell the current president that the fucking Sharpie®️ fad was started by him, so why is he mad because these were used in Arizona? It makes as much sense as the “strong man” mantra that tries to stop the fight because he is getting out-punched.

We now know “lo que el viento se llevó”
for the record, at 14h in CET
this is the view from Tamaulipas

Attention, all Foo Fighters

Attention all Foo Fighters currently engaged with The Electric Light Orchestra over Marfa, Texas 👩‍🍳 273EC2A0-BD1F-4CC5-8C76-EF75EFE78933 👨‍🍳 Nevermind the Chef Boyardee toque* azulado, that’s Minnesota which was blown-away from the Republican states that in 2016 abandoned  Clinton… or was it the other güey around? Any how, wanna know what rhymes with irony?

* Listen up, Dave Chappelle, now Öüï knows that you have probably heard about “chapeau”, but Dave, D.A.T. D.A.R.E. interjection is Knot one of those. This here, is what the Arabs call un simple « toque », but youse gonna have to wait for the interpretation of that fact, because  Bocouse just noticed that in Washington…

Morning Joe ate Stephanie Rhule… ahhhhh, the HUMannity!!!

… mini intermedio:

Oh, hey Hallie Jackson, Eye does not know what Mika is depriving Cousin Joe [off of] at the HomeBase, but c’mon, man! This is the third act where the MorJo Show goes beyond The Outer Limits, Öüï can’t begin to express his sympathy for that Devil (La Pundita, not Joe) our ballads and solos go out to Stephanie Rhule, who was eaten alive by that Dumb Blind Alabama Country Lawyer, on the most consequential day of 2020.

But wait, what’s that flying out of Studio 3A at at the Comcast Rockefeller at exactly the 16 hundred hour, HOLY SHIT!!! It’s Stephanie Rhule, and she is in fucking uniform, the iconic combat gi… yeah Buddy. Eye Betts D.A.T. Cousin Joe was not expecting that Kung Fu fight, eh.

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