It’s Morning in America — 3 de noviembre, 2020

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We begin in Washington

We begin in Washington 🇺🇸 9163EB37-9E17-4304-8BF3-BFDF5FB4D9B1 .:. on Both Sides of The Canal de Panama.

Over at the MorJo Show, Willie Geist just auditioned for the role of “Room Rater” at the Claire McCasket Bed & Breakfast, and over at Studio 3-A of the Rockefeller Center, Cousin Joe and Jon Meacham just dissected George Michael’s classic YMCA Hit, “Outside”… and Eye swears that Öüï can’t make this stuff up, it’s right there on the peacock streams.

After the Break, we find out what Les Pierres Soul Ages sound like when they take their Rock and Roll Circus on the road for the first time, and because they sound like a bad rendition of Jeff Lynne re-imagining Lennon, 🎶🎶🎶 She said:

Wama lama lama lama
Rama lama ding dong
Rock and Roll is King

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